Face cleansing has been around for centuries with people using various different methods of achieving success. Currently, one of the most popular ways of face cleaning is using face masks. The downside of face masks is that they aren’t always useful or efficient at keeping your skin clean.

There are many fake products out there, copies, and low-quality merchandise that doesn’t do anything to your skin. And, if someone purchases such a product and doesn’t get the expected results – they’ll lose hope in all products of this kind.

Fortunately, there has been an appearance of a new product that works nearly 100% of the time. Of course, we’re talking about the charcoal face mask. You might have heard about it through a friend or an online blog (it’s quite easy to run into info about this type of face mask because it’s somewhat new and, as such, popular).

The great thing about this type of face mask is that you don’t necessarily need to purchase a finished product from a company. You can easily make an activated charcoal face mask yourself at home! This will save you some money, and you’ll be sure that the ingredients in this face mask are exactly what they should be (compared to some other products that contain ‘secret’ ingredients).

But before we dive into the method of creating your very own charcoal face mask, let’s talk about why it’s so useful and popular at the moment.

How Does it Work?

You’d think that charcoal can’t clean your skin and that it’s all a farce that companies made up to earn some extra cash. However, if you go on the Internet and search for activated charcoal, you’ll end up looking at everything there is to know about it. Without going into too much detail here, the conclusion you’ll reach is that activated charcoal has many uses and all of them work.

But, to prevent too much info, we’ll be mentioning only what’s needed to confirm all of these findings.

For starters, activated charcoal can help your stomach. If you have indigestion issues or diarrhea, activated charcoal will fix the bacterial flora in your stomach, and your diarrhea will be dealt with. This can be asserted by looking at many sources of information regarding activated charcoal.

Another use for activated charcoal is skin cleaning. See, activated charcoal isn’t regular charcoal as some people might think. Activated charcoal is created to have millions of little openings or ‘pores’ that are meant to trap toxins, impurities, and various other things. This is why it can help with stomach issues, as well as skin cleaning.

Activated charcoal is also great when it comes to cleaning and whitening your teeth, be careful to use a fine charcoal paste that doesn’t have any tiny pieces present (as they can damage your teeth). The finer the powder, the better for you!

Now, let’s talk a bit about charcoal face masks:

Activated Charcoal Face Mask

With the knowledge of how activated charcoal works, you can easily conclude how it’s helpful for skin yourself. If not, let us help you:

We already mentioned that activated charcoal has many little pores that trap various impurities. So, if your skin is oily, dirty, filled with blackheads, acne, etc. – activated charcoal will clean your skin as nothing else could.

Activated Charcoal face masks are the new trend that should elevate the quality of skin everywhere. All of your skin issues can be solved with one simple ingredient – activated charcoal.

Okay, that’s enough raw info for today. It’s time to show you how to make your very own charcoal face mask!

Simple Charcoal Facial Mask Recipe

The final great thing about using activated charcoal is that you can make the face mask yourself with minimal ingredients. All you need are simple things that can easily be found in most stores (for very low prices). So, what will you need?

Charcoal Mask Ingredients:

1 tbsp of activated charcoal powder – this powder can be found in certain stores. Try looking in apothecaries, or ‘health’ shops. Even some supermarket chains sell activated charcoal powder, but make sure it’s high-quality (remember: the finer the powder, the better!).

2 tsp of water (more or less) – the amount here depends on the amount and type of activated charcoal powder you use.

½ tsp raw honey – honey is meant to bind everything together and give the end product some viscosity (so it sticks to your face and dries properly).

One drop tea tree and/or lavender essential oil (each) (optional) – if you want your skin to feel even softer and smell nice, use these ingredients as well. They aren’t necessary when it comes actually to clean your skin.

And that’s it! Mix all these ingredients, apply to your face, and let the face mask dry completely (should take around 10 minutes max). Leave it on your face for some time (5-10mins) and wash off with warm water.