Being a mother is a full-time job. It’s also, unfortunately, not a job that pays. If you’re a mother and your family needs at least some extra money, you need to find a job that can work within your busy schedule. Thankfully, there are options available for you, it’s just a matter of realizing them. Here are five popular job choices for mothers with hectic schedules.

1. Driving for Uber/Lyft

Rideshare programs such as Uber and Lyft have become enormously popular for their benefits for those wanting to work with flexible schedules. They allow you work at your own pace. So, you can decide to get to work at whatever frequency you desire.

If you work while your kids are at school or daycare, you can make your schedule align easily with theirs. Therefore, you can make money and also have time to see them and enjoy their company. Driving during busy times like baseball games is a great way to make even more extra cash.

2. Real estate

Working as a real estate agent is a terrific way to feel like you’re giving back to the community. After all, isn’t it satisfying to imagine helping someone find their dream home? As a working mother, real estate education programs such as Success Path Reviews gives you lots of options in terms of schedule flexibility.

When you work will depend on when you have showings scheduled. You can work this around when you need to attend to your kids. So, you can show houses during the day, while they’re at school. You should make sure to do your research on the homes you’re selling as much as possible, but you can do that at home, perhaps after your kids have gone to sleep.

3. Freelancing

Work from home jobs are always desirable. They give you the opportunity to make money without having to worry about things like traffic or gas prices. Working a freelancing job can get you some serious money. You might think of freelancing as being solely a writing thing.

While freelance writing is certainly popular, it’s not the only option. You can also freelance for things like web design and illustration. In order to find clients as a freelancer, you need to hunt around online. You should also have a polished résumé and portfolio of relevant works that you can use to show just how professional and dedicated you are.

4. Hairstylist

Like being a real estate agent, hair styling is a popular job for busy mothers due to the scheduling. You can set your hours at a salon based on when your kids need you. So, if your kids are very occupied with school and extracurriculars on a certain day of the week, you can make it so that you aren’t available for appointments then. Plus, the job of hair stylist is a great opportunity to unwind a bit and talk with clients while you make their hair look great. Plus, the tips aren’t bad either.

5. Accountant

Having a solid 9-5-type career can be nice. The consistency of the hours means you can get into the groove of your work more easily. While there are plenty of office jobs, accounting is one of the most popular among working mothers. As an accountant, you’ll make a good salary and play a pivotal role in whatever company you work for. Just make sure that you’re on top of your family schedule as much as possible.

We hope this has given you a great idea of popular job choices for mothers with hectic schedules. It can be stressful and demanding to deal with these obligations, but when you get used to it, the money is certainly worth it.