Most of the people living in a busy city do not have the luxury to own large spaces, but that doesn’t stop them to decorate the place mindfully and artistically. Lack of space becomes a non-issue if one has experience of handling various style of décor. This article will guide through different aspects of home décor to be implemented for smaller homes.

Windows and Curtains

If possible install large windows in the house. Let the light shine through. Natural lighting will do wonders for little space as a well-lit apartment does not look dingy and stuffy. Place the curtain rods well over the windows to make the windows seem bigger. Hanging wall long curtains also works beautifully for small homes.


Instead of installing devices that take a lot of space, buy ones that do not take as much space. A lot of people purchase a vintage fridge that enables the kitchen with a retro look while saving a ton of space. Those with higher ceiling may install larger fans. There is a various new ceiling fan with light models in the market. These fans are not only convenient but also complement the décor of a room. Place LED lights strategically to light up certain corners of the house. Hang decorative lights from the ceiling to create the perfect ambience.

Colour Scheme

Soothing pastels work the best for smaller spaces as it makes the room look comparatively bigger and more open. These are some colours that’ll suit best for a small space

  • Antique White: White makes everything look brighter and more open. The light reflects well in white spaces. Other similar choices would be off-white and beige.
  • Blush: This is a gorgeous and smooth colour that makes the room more inviting and comfortable.
  • Soft yellow: Though yellow would not be a typical choice for some it definitely works better for kids’ bedroom walls.
  • Pearl Gray: While gray can be dull and lifeless, pearl-gray has a shine to it that just might work best for the living room. Another similar example is gunmetal gray.
  • Purple: This palette is a fine idea for the bedroom. A pop of colour will provide a break from monotonous boredom. Don’t colour the four walls with the same shade to avoid feeling boxed up.
  • Teal: Another strong hue on the list is teal. This colour builds the illusion of shadow and radiates certain coolness. This is a perfect summer shade for any small room.


Cozy Furniture

A little couch with lots of side pillows will give the sitting area a comfortable touch. Install a large carpet on the floor to cover the whole space. The carpet can go under the couch to make space enlarged.  Use coffee tables and ottomans in the place of large tables to save up spaces.

Mirrors and Artwork

Place mirrors and artwork strategically on the wall to make the walls look bigger. Mirrors, if placed opposites, create an illusion of larger space. Artwork can be incorporated to accentuate and complement the emptiness and the height of the walls.

The fun with remodelling is that there are no hard and fast rules. Decorate your home as per your personality. One may fully explore innovative ideas to give the space a fulfilling outlook. Suzanne Tucker has rightly said, “As we evolve, our homes should too”.