It is a no brainer that hosting an event is a huge responsibility along with a lot of expenditure. For people who want a successful grand event within a restricted budget, catering and event planning is even more complex. With a fixed budget limit, people always get confused and end up picking services that cost less and that leads to a poor quality of organisation of catering event planning. Instead, it is better to cut small corners and smartly manage expenses. A catering and event planning is successful only if the guests enjoy the event and are satisfied with the services and the food provided. For this, you need quality services and these do not come at a low price. So, instead of finding cheaper options, you can follow some tricks that can help you get the finest cuisines and decorations and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. This line itself sounds so pleasing yet unconvincing, doesn’t it? But trust me, it is convincing. I have easy and simple tricks up my sleeve that I use while catering and event planning that enable me to host the whole event with a fabulous success and that too within my budget. Do not stare open-eyed at this line. I will just give you my tricks and you will see how easy it is.

  • Well-defined objectives: when you are acting as the event organiser, you get distracted by small things and in that, you lose focus of the main aim. The event planners you hire use this trick to get you to increase your budget and choose things that are unnecessary in your event. Instead, set well-defined objectives for your event and describe those to the event manager so that when you are presented with other ideas, you can discard or accept those right away just by comparing those with your list of objectives.
  • Leverage promotional opportunities for organisers: If you are hiring a particular catering company for handling the food and drinks for the guests, you can offer them to display their brand name at the event in return for getting services at lower rates. The catering companies like such public promotions and mostly they may agree.
  • Eliminate labour costs: For smaller events, there is no need of servers at all and for larger events, you can create buffet dining set up, eliminating the need of serves. With such an un-staffed event, you can invest the required amount in better aspects of catering and event planning thereby getting better services and that too within the set budget.
  • Cut corners where nobody would notice: You have no idea how much a person can save by eliminating small services. You can cut down on things whose absence that may go unnoticed. For example, many guests do not drink coffee. So, you can forgo the coffee services and serve it at the bar counter for people who request for it. This will cut down the cost of placing sugar and cream on each table. This one is just one example out of many such small cuts you can make at your event and nobody will even know.
catering and event planning  

catering and event planning

  • Select a venue that does the half work for you: Choose a venue that has the basic ambience that is pleasing and has a lot of natural light as well as pre-fixed light fixtures. This will save you the cost of additional decoration and lighting. The more the venue matches the theme of the event, the less you have to spend on decorations. This is a simple rule most people are unaware of.

Didn’t I tell you that these tricks are extremely effective? Well, now you can happily go back to your catering and event planning and host a wonderful event right within your budget.