With the growing popularity of all things designer, customized shirts with your company logo or message are making a big splash. There’s no better way to advertise your products and services than on T Shirts with a Designer Logo. These high quality and long lasting custom T Shirts offer a great return on investment for your company. Dubai is the hub of fashion and culture with a growing population of Western-educated individuals.

With an increase in the number of expatriates and their families moving to Dubai, we are seeing an increase in customized T Shirts printing Dubai. A customized shirt printing Dubai is an inexpensive and effective way of advertising your company. From polo shirts to sweatshirts, you can give any item that you want a personalized look.

Dubai is a hub for the art and design industry:

T Shirt printing in Dubai, UAE has attracted global companies as well as small businesses looking for an outlet in Dubai. Companies with a vision can take advantage of customized T Shirt printing Dubai services. We provide quality screen printing services with the latest in digital screen printing technology. Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of T-shirt printing and with our experience, you can produce top quality custom T Shirts.

Screen printing is one of the best methods of printing out your promotional T Shirts. Our expert team is always ready to help you find the right t-shirt printing press and the best price. We will design your artwork on a custom T Shirt with your logo or message. We will then transfer your images or graphics onto a professional cotton T Shirt.

What is customized t-shirt?

Customized T Shirts are specifically designed to meet the requirements and specifications of the customer. We can print your logo, message, company name, slogan or symbol on a high quality T shirt. We can create a sublimation printing on a high quality jersey material. Our T Shirt printers can also print any color onto any color of garment.

Heat transfer printing is a popular method of T-shirt printing. Our heat transfer printer uses high quality substrates such as cotton, polyester and jersey material. The image is printed directly on the material using heat technology. A dye sublimation printer transfers the color image onto the T Shirt fabric. Using heat transfer technique, we can provide a fast turnaround time and high quality prints on all fabrics.

Most of our customers ask us about our inks and our screen printing process. We use the best inks available in the market. We use the latest technology for screen printing Dubai products. Our inks are the most colorful and vibrant. The intensity of the colors are more than what is required for conventional T shirt printing.

All our products are custom printed:

Our printing press guarantees the quality of our t-shirts and custom uniforms. Our printing press processes high quality t-shirts and custom uniforms and delivers them with a minimum cost. If you need some help with our t-shirts or printing press services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would surely be able to serve you better.

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