There is a vital role of completion and drilling technology in gas and oil production. These advanced technologies are helpful in the process of drilling and well completion that is necessary for the production and injection of an oil and gas well. These technologies are helpful in the formation of a well with a lot of completions so that the well can become able to handle corrosive fluids.

Drilling Technology

The process of drilling involves the installation of the wellbore that may include surface well control equipment, cement, and casing strings. Drilling technology can be defined as the advanced technology that is used for drilling purposes for oil and gas. It may include the technological tools, techniques, and methods used for drilling. You can also get the oil and gas tools from Completion Products that provide you with the best tools and equipment.

You can use drilling technology for drilling in soil or rock. Drilling techniques may include mud rotary, reverse circulation, down the hole, cable tool, bucket auger, and air rotary drilling method. Some other drilling technologies also include horizontal drilling, measurement-while-drilling system, seismic imaging, hydraulic fracturing, and offshore drilling.

Completion Technology

Completion can be considered as the process of well completion that can be performed through hydraulic fracturing or through the performance of some other post-drilling wellbore activities. The technologies for completions for CO2 injection wells have been getting practiced with some adaptations in current projects of CO2. The completion technology for every well project is beneficial for the global oil price.

Completion technology is helpful for increasing the production of gas and oil. It also plays a vital role in maximizing the revenue generation that is using the start-to-finish procedures of completion. The fluid use is minimized by completion technology so that the fracture stimulation operation can be performed efficiently and effectively.

The major example of completion technology is open-hole horizontal and frac pack technology. It plays a vital role in expanding the envelope for the development of deep and ultra-deep-water reserves. The application of such technology greatly depends upon reservoir characteristics.

Improved Operations

The drilling teams have greatly focused on revitalizing existing wells along with focusing on preparing new gas and oil wells for production. It is a process that involves stimulating or repairing the well for instance deepening or tubing the well. The purpose behind this process is to enhance or restore the production of gas or oil.

It has become an important task to focus on continued investment in completions and drilling technologies. Moreover, it is a longer, deeper, and complex task from the geological perspective. It is because it is needed to extract the resources from the formations of challenging rock.

Investment in Technologies

Many countries have focused on the development of technologies of completions and drilling so that advanced tools could be used for production. In the past, operators hammered cable tools for finding natural gas and crude oil. Today, the development of technology has resulted in introducing several sophisticated tools that have been helpful in the production of gas and oil in less time.

Since it is a difficult task to access remaining hydrocarbons, this problem has been solved by the drilling and completion technologies that have also resulted in growing Chevron’s portfolio. Until the 1970s, it was not an easy task to tap the full potential of reservoirs. But the drilling technologies have played a vital role in accessing the areas of reservoirs that were not accessible before.


Drilling and completion technologies are the advancements in the production of gas and oil. This guide has provided you with detailed information about completions and drilling technologies. Such technologies have made the production of gas and oil easier and more efficient than before.

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