Understanding and knowing your body type, is an effective way to improve the appearance and fit of the clothes you wear. Just like your shoes, clothes should always fit you properly, make you feel fabulous and look stunning. There are a number of body shapes, including the pear shape, apple shape and rectangular. As physical measurements change over time, the basic shape results from bone structure and will generally remain constant.


  • The pear shape is a common type and is characterized by the upper body being noticeably smaller than the lower body. When weight gain occurs, most of it typically goes to the thighs and hips. You may have full curves, a defined waist, small or medium bust, narrow back or narrow or sloping shoulders or a slender or long neck.
  • A pear emphasizes the arms, waist, bust, neck and of course a beautiful face. The goal is to bring the eye upwards and give the shoulder a broader appearance. This can be achieved by wearing colorful and wide neck tops.
  • The upper body is an asset for this particular body type and tailored, semi-fitted tops will always work well. Square and cowl necklines broaden the shoulders. Maxi dresses look great while flowing and straight skirts elongate the lower torso.


  • An athletic body type often features a toned and well-defined figure. There is a tendency for the shoulders to broad with toned arms and straight hips. With a silhouette that can be described as more square than curvy, this type of figure typically requires the illusion of curves. You can do this by wearing belts and certain silhouettes. Click here for plus size clothing for women.
  • Consider wearing flowing tops with details such as lace or ruffles to soften the shoulders and flatter the bust line. Cinch up a dress or top with a stylish belt to enhance the waistline. A bubble or tulip style dress will play up your tined thighs and hips.
  • If you have wider hips, a good choice is a dress or skirt that consists of details around the hemline to draw the eyes elsewhere and balance your curves.


  • Although the apple shape may seem to be a challenging type to dress, it is actually easy to camouflage any perceived flaws. Apples usually have a fuller bust, slim arms and wide back while the backside may be trim with slim hips and wide shoulders. Your upper body is likely to be larger than the lower half.
  • The slim arms and legs of an apple can be a major advantage. You can enhance your shape with a flattering silhouette. Pick tops with empire waists that start underneath the bust and draw attention away from the area of the stomach. Deep v-necks also help to keep attention moving upward.
  • Since apples are usually top heavy, skirts or dresses with fuller silhouettes are ideal. Opt for styles that reach your natural waistline while hiding a bigger stomach.

Quick Tips

  • Flaunt your favorite features and curves.
  • The fit of any garment should be naturally flattering along with creating a general balance silhouette and looking great.
  • Although a piece may look amazing on the hanger or in a picture, you need to ensure that is a good option for your body type.