Want to feel like a celeb walking on a red carpet as the cameras flash and the paparazzi capture your iconic looks? Want to channel your inner Ryan Gosling or Gigi Hadid?

We will tell you this: you’re in the perfect place to get a short yet strategic guide to make your dream come true. Check out our list of 4 essential accessories in your wardrobe for a complete celebrity-esque look.

These must-have style pieces will surely make you look all fashionable and ready to be the limelight of the night. Let your inner model behold and shine!

A pair of Brown Chelsea Boots

Brown! It’s the color of class, grace, and versatility. And Chelsea Boots? They’re like the symbol for luxury and iconic charms.

Your footwear tells a lot about your taste and standards. To make lasting impressions and make your audience drool, men, we suggest you own a pair of Chelsea boots.

Although the boots are a hit in any color, shades of brown are the most preferred. These boots are nothing but snug and comfortable as you go around, making heads turn. Plus, they’re so easy to wear – you can slip in and out of them.

The added benefit of brown Chelsea boots is that they go perfectly with almost all colors of jeans and formal pants.

True classics, we tell you!

White Button-Down Shirt

Regardless of your gender, the absence of a white button-down from your wardrobe is just blasphemous.

For stylish men always looking to be dressed to the nines, ready to conquer the world and hearts, white button-downs are a must.

There’s just something oh-so unique about those crisp white button-downs. Go from zero to hero and prepare to see your hidden Mr. David Gandy as you saunter with an unmatched charm.

Want to look like an ideal debonair, letting your ensemble speak for your personality? Pair this smart shirt with a formal suit. A tie to go along, donned with a pair of leather derbies, a long overcoat, and ooh! Nothing can stop you from being the talk of the town.

For a more laid back occasion, put on some Bermuda shorts, or straight pants. Carry a vintage leather messenger crossbody, some black shades, and white sneakers or black military boots.

Trust us; you will be the man of the night.

Vibrant Scarf

Scarves are underrated wardrobe basics, and most women don’t fathom their importance. We hope you’re not one of them.

A scarf is worn around the neck. Thus it is the centre of any attention that you attract. Secondly, if you have a long scarf, you can always fold it in a different style to get a new look every time. (Clever hacks 101 by yours truly)

Pros of wearing light scarves?

Comfortable to wear, the scarves do not give those old-lady vibes (we know this is what you stress about so much!). You can even tie them around your purse or your waist. Slay those 90’s vintage feels and be the bold, confident fashionista you always aspired to be.

It’s now the moment you upgrade your style-o-meter. No?

Black Leather Jacket

Honestly, there’s no such thing as too much leather in your wardrobe.

Sleek, shiny, and velvety to touch and versatile, gorgeous, chic, and deluxe in appearance; that’s what leather is. Oh, and not to forget that oh-so-distinct leather smell.

This is why we say that you need a trendy, timeless, and aesthetic black leather jacket. Leather jackets are your real best friends. A good leather jacket is a one-time and highly essential investment.

They’re ageless fashion and the epitome of vintage sophistication. You can wear the jackets for all kinds of occasions – from the most formal to the most casual hangouts and lunches.

Trust me when I say that leather jackets for women are godsend accessories. You get to slay the gorgeous jacket with no matter what you wear, from dark leather pants to floral summer dresses.

So, ladies, whenever you are in a fix as to what style you should carry, go with the leather jacket because leather never disappoints!

Ending Thoughts

Does your wardrobe already have these vitals? Perfect! Have you got some of these basics missing? No worries, you now know what items should occupy your shopping list.

Adorn these accessories and make a difference. Dress with an unmatched trendiness with just the right amount of comfort and iconic uniqueness.

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