The transition from childhood to adulthood often leaves teens feeling unsettled and awkward. It can be a time of uncertainty and feeling torn between two very different worlds and expectations. While peers have a lot of influence during these years, parents also hold prominent influence. Seize the opportunity to guide your teen safely and positively through the experience. Read on for some helpful suggestions.

Encourage Your Teen to Use a Journal

Journaling allows teens the chance to clear their minds and to reflect on feelings and experiences. It also offers the opportunity to articulate and record goals, as well as to document progress toward them. There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal. Teens may even wish to utilize starting prompts or guided daily questions. Having a variety of journals may prove fruitful as well. Teens can keep a journal simply for jotting down distracting thoughts or to keep a bullet type list of information such as books that they would like to read, or possible band names. It is wise to think ahead and determine a band name early on in any musical pursuit. When it comes to trademarking your band name, there is a bit of legwork you need to be ready for. Each trademarked band name must be unique so it is helpful to have various options in mind and to do some research to guard against using any duplicate names already on the scene.

Memorize On a Regular Basis

Memorized words become part of a person and rise to the surface during troubled or challenging times. Decide as a family what is important to you and work on memorizing poems, songs, or historical facts. If your family composes music, you may even want to investigate how to copyright a song of your own.  To do this, you should research how to register and file your song with the appropriate copyright website. Memorization of any kind also requires focus and helps to build resolve.

Encourage Regular Exercise

If you child plays an organized sport, be sure to attend their games and sporting events. Even if your teen does not play an organized sport, motivate them to exercise regularly. Doing so often relieves daily pressure and allows a steadying focus to exist in both mind and body. Healthy minds and bodies are crucial during the teen years and help with prioritizing wants and needs and balancing stress.

Keep the Home Well Stocked With Books

Read aloud as a family and encourage individual reading as well. Technology may be a fast way to obtain information and to communicate with others, but it can also be distracting and even stress inducing. In addition to bolstering vocabulary and inducing relaxation, reading also involves focus. Encourage family members to keep phones on silent during reading time and allow themselves to fully engage in a single story with all of its complexities and beauties. Share snippets of favorite scenes or even favorite quotes with other family members.

Strength of character is achievable at any age. Teens simply need good caring role models who can point them in the right direction. Establishing good habits during the teen years can prevent a lot of unnecessary heartache during adulthood. Teens with clarity and focus are more likely to exhibit keen problem solving solves and the ability to make sound judgement calls. Take practical measures to help your teen achieve his or her goals and better yourself and your relationship with them in the process.