The virus spread that started masquerading as a non-lethal, no human to human infectious virus had gone berserk. The counts as we interact via this blog stands at roughly 10 million cases, with 4.5 million deaths and near about 5 million cases of recovery. Who would have even thought that amid fast progress in pharmaceutical and modern innovative drug trails, one has to rely on masks, sanitizers and social distancing to keep themselves alive?

 But that’s how pandemics ravage through the population, whenever they wreak havoc. The World Health Organization initially emphasized that the virus doesn’t spread from people to people. Still, upon structured research, it was unearthed that it does spread from people to people by touch, mucus or air droplets that come out when we sneeze or speak. Precaution and protection in the form of masks end up as the most feasible option for many. Use of excellent grade PPE and protective gears like the N95 masks have been helping front line warriors like doctor/nurses and even the general public. But you need to know a few things before you step out in public wearing your favourite mask. Because, in the end, not all masks work, and not everyone who thinks wearing just a mask can protect themselves are right. Here are a few Do’s and Dont’s that you must follow. 

Do’s While Wearing Masks

  1. Whenever you step out in public, do make it a point to wear your face masks properly.
  2. You need to ensure that your mask has multiple layers for protection. Never step out with just one single thin cloth used as a mask. It can absorb and carry the infection.
  3. While wearing the mask, do make sure that the mask adequately covers your entire nose and mouth region. There should not be any gap while wearing face masks. N95 masks are the best when you want complete protection. They hold firmly and provide minimal space for any breach.
  4. Your mask can get infected if you have not correctly sanitized your hands before wearing it. Hence, properly wash your hand with soap and water and lather for 20 seconds to create a creamy foam. Else, in case, if you do not have an adequate water source available, sanitizers are also preferred for sanitization of the hand.
  5. You need to follow a proper process for masking and unmasking your face while you go out in public and come back home. Just pinch the ear hooks and do not hold the mouth cover while masking your face. Similarly, while unmasking, unplug the ear hooks from the ear and straightway put the mask in a cleaning solution. You can use disinfectant or detergent to wash the mask after use. Do not re-wear the mask without washing if you have stepped out in public. 

Don’ts to Follow  While Wearing A Mask 

  1. Do not use masks on a child who is aged two years or below. 
  2. Civilians must avoid using medical-grade masks. N95 masks are available in two variants, one for civilian known as N95 respirators and one for medical purpose, please take your pick accordingly.
  3. Do not push over the mask to eat or drink; altogether remove the mask for food. Also, properly sanitize the hand before eating.
  4. Masks that are not properly cleaned, or soiled or torn can be life-threatening.  They can lead to infection. 
  5. Do not touch your eyes after touching the mask.


These are a few things to follow for better protection against the Pandemic. N95 masks are best to protect yourself from any infection from Novel Corona Virus that are life-threatening to you and the community around.