Say it’s a Sunday and you have just finished everything about and are going to drop dead on your bed since it’s already midnight! But what if you hear water streaming somewhere in the kitchen or bathroom? And you can imagine the horror when you find that a pipe has suddenly decided to burst, or has been unfortunately broken. Hell, you can’t probably find a plumber at this time of night and it’s going to be soon flooding your house due to the constant overflow of water.

Though the situation is totally sticky, we suggest — fret not! Why? Well, because now you can call and get a plumber in Epping VIC from Crawford Plumbing even at this time of night (or anytime you need them as a matter of fact) and on Sundays too. Yes, we know you are relieved as they are the most trusted and experienced ones around, and are at your doorstep during such crises. But remember, they’ll still need some time to reach you, and till then your furniture would probably be floating in your home.

How to Control the Damaged Pipe During Crises Until the Plumber Turns Up?

So, you know that help isn’t far, and soon your pipe is going to be fixed. But as relieving as this may sound, you aren’t out of mess yet. There’s this immediate need to stop the uncontrollable water flow in order to save your home interiors. So, when there’s such an emergency and even though help is on its way, be sure to follow the below mentioned steps for damage control:

  • Turn Off the Main Valve — When water is everywhere and you are desperate to stop it, prevent it coming in from the main point first. It’s after this step that you can look into other immediate issues to tend. If your tap closes and the water stops, great! But if it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to turn the main water source or valve off until the plumber arrives.
  • Clean the Mess Around — We are sure you’d be glaring at the mini pool around you right now in disgust. But it needs to be cleaned before the plumber arrives, so that the work can be started rapidly. So, start with your mop and cleaning stuff and wipe off the water dry. Make sure the pipe and the area around are dried too, so that if it needs tending, the moisture doesn’t stop the procedure.
  • Tighten the Joints or Loose Ends —If there are any loose joints or ends which may further create a problem or shows leakages because of the sudden water flow, tighten it. This would prevent further damage and leakages to happen around the pipes.
  • Don’t Try to Be the Expert — Since you aren’t an expert or professional, you certainly don’t know how to deal with the situation completely. You cannot fix the pipe by yourself at all. And since you have already called for the plumber, it’s wise to be patient and wait for the help to come to attend the issue. Experimenting by patching the area or trying to stick the broken parts can actually make the matters worse.

Broken pipes are nothing short of a disaster, and we should be thankful that there are plumbing experts who are at our service 24/7. But still the wiser you are in this tricky situation and ready you are with the clean area to be tended, the easier and faster it is for them to work!