All of us go through life battling minor pains in various parts of the body. Sometimes it seems like everything you do causes a pain in some part of the body. You experience a sharp pain in your back when you pick up a heavy object off the ground. Or your shoulders feel stiff and uncomfortable when you are seated for a long period of time. You can even get leg spasms from walking too briskly! Pain is always just one wrong twist of the body away – and you must be prepared to fight it.

The biggest area of pain in the body is undoubtedly the back. It is responsible for your posture and it aligns your weight properly along the shoulders and spine, down to the legs and toes. Any misalignment in the spine, caused by poor posture, or lifting heavy objects without arching the back, or overexertion in the gym, can cause acute back pain. Those with sedentary lifestyles are more at risk – with long periods of being seated or slumped in a chair, the spine remains ‘frozen’ in an unnatural position and the muscles begin to atrophy.

That’s why you must have Moov cream at your bedside always. A painful back will scream for attention by the time the night nears, and this is the time when you should relax and let your back rest. Start by applying a hot compress on the painful back for at least 10 minutes. The heat relaxes the muscles and prepares them for the light massage that is to follow.

Now take a dollop of Moov cream on your finger and rub it into the painful area of your back. Be firm but do not exert undue pressure – the tender muscles might tear with excessive force! Rub Moov back pain relief cream into the painful areas of the back for at least five minutes. Now rest the back, or better still, go to bed. When you wake up, your back will be much less painful than before!

Apply Moov cream to your back every night till the pain completely dissipates. But if you feel that the pain is increasing in intensity or it comes and goes in phases, it is best to consult a doctor and undergo treatment before the pain becomes chronic.

Apart from using Moov back pain relief cream, it is also recommended that you:

Correct your posture. The shoulders should be pushed back, chest should be pushed out, back straight but not by exerting pressure. Correct your posture every time you feel yourself slumping your shoulders or slouching in your chair.

Sleep on a firm mattress that supports the spine. The mattress should not dip under your weight, nor should it remain ramrod stiff when you lie down on it. Make sure your pillow is firm enough to keep the neck supported.

Exercise every day. Regular exercise like swimming, cycling, rowing and also lifting light weights (deadlifts and stretches with dumbbells) helps tone the back and makes it stronger.

Lift objects carefully. Your back will give way if you suddenly bend towards the ground, and/or lift a heavy bag by bending and standing up suddenly. The correct procedure is this: bend your knees slightly, lightly arch your back, pick up the object and straighten up slowly.

Get regular massages. A monthly back massage using pain relieving oils can work wonders for those suffering from chronic back ailments. But be sure to let only an experienced masseur work your back, or the pain might become much worse in the hands of an inexperienced person.