It’s your girlfriend or close buddy maybe, or an office colleague or just your acquaintance, but if the person lost a loved one recently, you just can’t leave this sad soul alone! We know how tragic the loss of a dear one is. And if you are alone during this time, the pain doubles! That is why whenever you get a chance, do stand with your friend or loved one who just lost someone near to them in order to provide more support and help. Because it is not just the pain of the death they have to deal with, but there are lots of other significant and equally traumatising matters to sort out as well following this death!

How can you help your friend who just lost a close person?

After the death of someone close to us, we are often at a loss and don’t know what to do next! And if during this crucial time, someone stands with you, and then you surely get a lot of support to deal with the important steps following the unfortunate incident. That is why you should help your friend if they are in such a situation to ease their pain and relieve their hardships. And if you are thinking just how could you do the same, read on!

  • Help Them With the Funeral — It’s the most painful for your friend but an important step that can’t be avoided. You should understand that your friend won’t be able to easily tackle the formalities of funeral alone. Go ahead and help in arranging the death certificate of the deceased, arrange for the coffin and priest and talk with the officials of the cemetery for the final duties. You can also help in informing about the same to your friend’s relatives.
  • The Legal Matters Post the Death — There will be lots of confusing and time consuming legal matters that your friend will have to deal with post the death of the dear one. You can help him or her find a good lawyer and work out the deceased’s will properly. You will have to send across legal notices to the ones sharing the will and even create some more such clauses and papers to further simplify the matters. This task may take days and can lead to lots of difficult issues if there is a clash between two people mentioned in the deceased’s will. Ensure you are at your friend’s side during such a difficult time.
  • Handing the Deceased’s Property — Your friend probably inherited the property left by the deceased. But this means again a handful of tasks to deal with! You can let your friend contact Tim and Tina, managing deceased estates in Melbourne, to sort out the useful items and the unnecessary ones. They will also clean up the place, help to sell or donate, and even find a temporary and permanent storage that your friend might need to keep the furniture or other items left in the property by the deceased.

This is the least and the very best you could do to help your friend overcome the death of someone near to them. This obviously proves your friendship and concern for them. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed!