With every passing day, Instagram is gaining prominence and is becoming more popular than ever before. People are obsessed with it and post pictures of their daily lives, getaways, food, dress, and even promoting their businesses. But for all these, it takes a great deal of planning and marketing. Social media marketing is an essential aspect of it. Gaining real followers on your bank in Instagram is the real deal. You need the right number of followers who will not unfollow you when you follow them back for it to be regarded as a reputable and genuine account with the correct number of followers.

Basic Tips on Instagram

Many tricks exist on Instagram pertaining how to gain likes, views, saves, and mostly followers. It is not an easy task but it is not that tough even. Of course, if you have numerous friends, you are bound to have a good followers base as all of them will be eager to see and like your posts being friends. But the people who do not know you, how are they supposed to know that you are worth following or not.

Let’s talk about some basic tips to follow on Instagram at first

High-Quality Imaged

Best quality pictures are the most necessary ones to stay in the Instagram game. People love seeing and relishing beautiful images of high quality. It is also imperative that the pictures should have some story and a theme behind it. Selfies and normal self-pictures of daily life are of the old school. People following you want to see photos they haven’t seen before with different themes and frames. Make sure pictures have a good color contrast and adjust the brightness according to the subject.

Number of Themes

Your account can have multiple themes or a single theme; it all depends on your interest. It does not matter if you are a food blogger or not; even if you are foody, you could post images of food from various angles describing the food and where you are them. Gradually with time, you will be recognized as a food blogger. The same goes with fashion, art, dance, travel, and any other type of blogging. Your interest is what makes you a blogger at the very first place.

Stories and Quotations

Stories and quotations also play an essential part in helping to gain followers and grow over Instagram extensively. Pictures with stories that the readers can relate to are the most preferred ones over any social media website. Make sure they are readable and not very long. It is also necessary that they are your original ideas. If you are copying some one’s quote, make sure you are attributing it to them. Using quotations of famous persons is also another way to grab the attention of the people who follow or admire those famous personalities.

Hash Tags

Hashtags have recently spread over social media like Facebook. Instagram has also introduced a follow hashtag concept where you can follow your favorites through the hashtag and not the respective pages only. Whenever somebody posts something making use of that specific hashtag, you will get a notification on your home page.

Other than these there are other tricks as well, but for the beginners, this is enough.