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Does Your Mattress Affect Your Sleep Quality?

The answer is yes. Your mattress plays a very important role in determining the quality of your sleep. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, not only are you fatigued the next day but if you continue to be sleep-deprived every night, it can lead to a number of serious illnesses. The reason behind your sleep-deprivation can be various – stress and anxiety, already existing physical illness, disability, or simply a bad mattress or a wrong bed. On the other hand, a good mattress can, however, take away your discomfort and provide you with a night of deep sleep and in turn, boost your health.

How does your mattress help you to get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for proper cognitive functions, information retention and storage, and most importantly, having enough energy to go about all the tasks you need to perform through the day. While diet, exercise, and sleep-timings play a good part in this, sleeping on the right mattress is equally crucial in order to achieve the refreshing sleep that you require. Below are the factors that affect the quality of your sleep to a good extent. Read on to find out how a mattress can resolve those problems.


Stress is an inevitable part of our lives, and a good night’s sleep is the best medicine for it. Sleep deprivation is the major reason behind stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, and every other disease that is connected with these issues. In fact, some doctors correlate all physical and mental health troubles with sleep. Studies show that a mattress plays a huge role in moderating your stress level.

Everyone’s mattress choice would be different as comfort has a different meaning for everyone. However, once you do find the right mattress for yourself, it is highly probable that you will have a stress-free night, in turn, improving your sleep quality.


Comfort plays a crucial role in quality sleep and experiencing pain throughout the night certainly doesn’t help. If you are suffering from back and joint pain, your mattress may be at fault. If it is too soft or too firm, it can harm your spine and joints. Your weight should be evenly distributed across the mattress while it supports each part of your body. Skewed stress on one part of your body means your spine is not supported throughout, resulting in the pain. If you leave this issue unresolved, sleep deprivation may be the least of your problems – a plethora of other health troubles may arrive.

The right mattress should hold your body in a straight line for the whole night so that your body is aligned in the correct manner. It should also relieve pressure points and support your posture, which will help inhibit pain. Latex mattresses are a great choice in this situation. They are firm, yet comfortable; and on top of that, being environmentally friendly, they are considered to be eco mattresses.


Allergens can creep into your body while you are sleeping. Sneezing and/or coughing all night helps your sleep quality in no way. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that your mattress has a massive role to play in infesting you with these allergens. After you leave your bed in the morning, the sweat left on your mattress becomes the breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites, and other microscopic creatures that are invisible to the eye. These feed on the dead skin that you naturally shed overnight and gather up on your mattress. Once you go back to bed, these get to you.

An eco mattress consisting of natural components has a dense structure that prevents allergens from accumulating, so you stay disease-free. It is also a friend to the environment, so if you are in the process of buying a new one, an eco mattress may be the best choice for you as well as the earth.

Comfort in sleep

Lastly, comfort is the biggest contributor to a good night’s sleep. If you keep tossing and turning throughout the night, not only does it disrupt your own sleep quality, but it also disturbs your partner sleeping alongside you. In most circumstances, you can truthfully put the blame on your mattress. It is essential for you to understand that a mattress is not something that you just sleep on; it sets the tone for the quality of your life, health, and well-being. So you need to choose a firm latex mattress which prevents these motion waves as well as provides you with the comfort you need for the right sleep.

Choose the right mattress for yourself

As you can see, the right mattress for your particular needs can do wonders to the quality of sleep you will get at night. There are several choices available in the market, some more expensive than some others. Having said that, a mattress is a one-time investment – whichever one you buy is potentially going to stay with you forever. If you compromise on the quality of the mattress or your particular needs while buying it now, you may end up spending way more in dealing with manifold medical conditions for your entire life. Don’t let the choices of mattresses confuse you – a good enough mattress for yourself will be easy to find if you follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Do not trust any label pasted on a mattress by a seller as “orthopedic” or “medically-approved” – there is no particular medical association that approves mattresses.
  • The best form of mattress-testing is lying on it for 10 to 15 minutes. This way you can be sure of the support it can offer on every sleeping position. Online shopping for mattresses is not really smart as you cannot test them.
  • Many retailers offer a “comfort guarantee” period. Ask for it before you buy, and be sure to understand all the details about shipping charges, a money-back guarantee, or an exchange, time-frame of so, etc.
  • A good mattress will have a minimum of a 10-year full replacement or non-prorated warranty. Do not forget to request for it.
  • Be sure to shop only at a store specialized in mattresses where all the varieties will be available so that you can have the option of choosing the best one for your specific needs.
  • If you have a medical condition, definitely check with your doctor before visiting the mattress store.

Care for your mattress

If you want anything to stay by your side for a long time, you have to maintain it well – a mattress is no different. Make sure your mattress gets enough exposure to the sun as it kills most pathogens as well as moulds. Cleaning the mattress at regular intervals using a good quality vacuum cleaner is also essential. Further, you can keep it covered with a good allergy-proof mattress protector which will guard it against dirt and allergens, since cleaning this will definitely be less hard than cleaning the mattress. Make sure that your room has enough air circulation so that mould does not accumulate. Clearing off mould from your mattress sure isn’t an easy task.


When considering mattresses, options are many; you need to understand which one will keep you happy at night. Nevertheless, buying the right bed along with the right mattress is vital, especially if you have particular health issues. Make sure you go to only a certified mattress seller maintaining a full variety of choices for cotton mattresses, latex mattresses, and also eco mattresses so that you receive the best product for you for the best price.

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