sad-childIn the age of fast food, fast cars, and fast lives it is not uncommon to suffer from high stress levels. Even more so, it is not uncommon to hear about your friends and family consulting with a psychologist at some point. Though, it is not only adults who need the help of a well-qualified psychologist to deal with their emotional problems, today even children may require the services of a child psychologist. Children today live in a different world than previous generations, schooling, technology, bullying and other distractions can lead to children being under intense stress and even suffering from depression due to the certain emotional challenges they may be facing.

There are many stages and changes in a child’s life which could lead to issues building up. And when a child isn’t able to properly vent their feelings about the change or how they feel, the child  may withdraw from daily life. There are many such circumstances in the life of a child which can lead to the situation where the child becomes depressed. Social and emotional pressures in school, lead to loneliness and low self-esteem.

If parents notice that their lively son or daughter has become quiet, does not want to do things he or she usually loved doing and wants to be alone most of the time then they should immediately seek the services of an experienced child psychologist.

Children need love, support, guidance and understanding, and they also need to be heard and communicated with. Sometimes it so happens that a parent is not able to hear what the child is trying to say because of lack of time or lack of understanding. A well-qualified child psychologist will know the right kind of tactics to get the child to talk and they will give the child an attentive ear for when they want to talk about anything.

There are organizations that offer counseling and psychological help . Such organizations aim to empower people suffering from emotional and mental issues and help them be resilient in life.

So, if you are noticing that family and/or friends have changed, and have started to withdraw themselves, you should either speak to them yourself, or encourage them to seek professional help. Your children need care when they are in the tender age. If they are not groomed and polished in that age, their I-am-always-lonely feeling and claustrophobia will never be cured and they may remain thus in their entire life. They will just lose hope and may lose strength to fight the world. So, bring smiles on your faces and help your kids wear smiles in their lives.

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