Branding is one of the most useful marketing tools that a business owner can use. It provides a visual representation of what your business is all about and can create a memorable first impression. But just because you have some form of branding, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working effectively. If there is no cohesion between your brand and your business, this could be doing more harm than good. As well as damaging your reputation, poor branding can have a negative impact on your sales and progression. So if you’re unsure whether to go ahead with a rebrand, here are some telltale signs that may convince you otherwise.

Your brand is confusing your customers

If your branding doesn’t instantly tell your customers what you provide, this can cause a great deal of confusion. This can significantly affect how your business is perceived and stops customers from putting their trust in you. If your branding is too focused on one thing, your customers may not be aware of what other products and service you provide. This is particularly common in online businesses, which don’t have physical stores for customers to look around. Rebranding your business could remove all confusion and provide a more direct message about what you provides. You should then see an improvement in your sales and encourages customers to return in future. Visit to see how other businesses have rebranded themselves.


Your brand is making you look unprofessional

Customers and clients will make a judgement on your business within the first few seconds. If your branding looks unprofessional, they will think your business as a whole is unprofessional too. This will encourage them to go elsewhere, even though you may have the perfect product or fantastic customer service. An unprofessional image can also make your business seem sketchy and ingenuine. This too will make customers less likely to work with you. A rebrand can help you create a more relevant message that correlates with the quality of your products and services. This should be used everywhere, from your office to your website to give your business a higher quality look. Take a look at to find out more about creating a professional workplace.

Your brand is preventing your business from growing

A continual aim for all business owners is growth and progression. But this can be almost impossible if your brand is holding you back. If your brand isn’t helping you attain increased sales or a loyal customer base, your business will find it difficult to progress. You’ll find it harder to achieve goals, and this can leave you feeling deflated and unmotivated. If you’re eager to expand and move into new sectors, a rebrand could assist you. A brand that reflects your ethos and quality, while also being memorable can attract more customers. If you aren’t confident about rebranding your business yourself, see for more information.

Rebranding your business may seem like a large and expensive undertaking that you would rather do without. But if any of the signs above sound familiar, it could be the best option for both you and your business.