Friendship to me is an unconditional bond between two or many people. It does not require any compulsory commitment in return from the one who are our best friends. In friendship, we love to spend time with one another and share everything we can. We develop intriguing feelings amongst ourselves which we love to cherish and do not let it go down. A friend finds an aide and confidant in a person whom he calls his best buddy. He feels very relaxed and secure to part with all his secrets, his personal and social feelings, emotions, commitment, and so on.

However, he or she might have some inhibition to disclose certain things with those of opposite sex. Now a question arises. Can two people of the opposite gender become best of buddies? Maybe they can or maybe they cannot. Why can’t they be, to which we call, the ‘best pals’? According to me, a guy and a gal can never the best friends. Why….? Let me explain. I may be wrong but this is just my point of view. I am open to all kinds of comments regarding this.

To me, a friend is a person whom we share almost everything, isn’t he? A male person can never be comfortable to share something with his female counterpart and the vice versa. A boy’s secrets are not to be talked about with a girl (unless she is his wife or girlfriend).

He may like that girl, can have a soft corner for her, but not surely his confidante. His masculine nature will prevent him from doing so. He will of course be friendly but cannot be intimate with her staying in friendship. He will have a sympathetic attitude for her. He tends to become a chauvinist and a little bit of possessive about her. He thinks that being a man he needs to lead from the front and show her way. Hence, an imbalance prevails in the friendship from the beginning. The girl also tends to like the companionship and the supremacy of him. This eventually escalates to love. The friendship takes a back seat and love blooms. They retain the friendship but love always comes first before them which usually end up with sex.

On the other hand, same sex friendship stays as a friendship for a long time, sometimes forever. It is much more independent and transparent. A boy can sleep with a boy at night for the sake of sleep only, but if a boy tries to sleep with a girl, many thoughts occur to both of them. Eventually, it may be just a good sleep or an escalation of their feelings, which is very much natural in a sense. Sex compulsorily comes in between two good friends belonging to opposite genders.

Moreover, they cannot remain as best friends for a long time as their respective spouses (which they will have in the future) need more attention than their friendship. After marriage, they become apart on the physical and the emotional parts. Friendship does not finish but the commitment for the friendship dies. Even if both of them get married to each other, their friendship gets a raise and perches on something higher than just a good friendship.

Therefore, what we mean by ‘best friends’ does not stay longer amidst a boy and a girl bt between a boy and a boy or between a girl and a girl. The pure and unconditional love of a friendship blossoms only between two people of the same sex and it stays as a friendship for the rest of the life.