Have you ever thought about this important piece of discussion that does gun control really work1 Here we are going to discuss this piece of topic.

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Most noteworthy, the purpose and aim of using and following gun control measures; it is to make your society harm-free. Moreover, all of you will agree with is that gun control has turn out to be polarizing topic.

This is this current heated debate going on that whether gun control laws are facing success with respect to controlling homicides and suicides. Here we are going to check out that:

What can be effective and useful gun control measures?

It is high time that all of us should show a stronger amount of support towards the implementation of gun control laws.

Most importantly, there has to be a strictness regarding and concerning permit-to-purchase law before anyone purchases a gun.

In those countries, where we see repealing and failure of permit-to-purchase law, there we see and observe an increase and boost in the firearm homicide rate.

Then we have this “Stand Your Ground” law. This law gives you official permission to make use of all kinds of firearms for the sake and purpose of self-defense.

Through this law, you will not be charged for homicide. But, the implementation of this law still increased and boosts the cases of homicides.

Most noteworthy, there exist and reside a strong relationship right between permit-to-purchase law as well as firearm homicides.

In most of the countries, when this law was implemented, then those countries saw and witnessed a 40% drop and reduction in firearm homicides.

Do stricter and sterner gun control laws and regulations work?

More and more extensive research is needed to come to a final and conclusive verdict on whether sterner gun control laws work or not! We need to come up with more effective policies so that the number of these firearm-related deaths can be reduced.

Maximum number of researches has proved that stricter gun-control laws actually and specifically help.

What is the current situation on gun control laws?

Though we see the seriousness of gun control laws implementation, but the cases of mass shootings are rising day by day.

 There are a few of the policy proposals that have been devised and included regarding the implementation of universal background checks as well as making these assault rifles illegal.

There has to be a law that decides the eligibility and ineligibility of owning a gun. There is a loophole in this law and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

The purpose of carrying background checks, they are needed and utmost required when purchasing and buying a gun from any of the licensed dealers.

You may have heard about the mass shooting case that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the year of 2012. When this incident took place, there occurred a strong and huge urge to address this issue of gun violence immediately and instantly.

Furthermore, we saw the implementation of the “Fix Gun Checks Act of 2016” The purpose of introducing this bill was to close and shut down the background check loophole. S


Lastly, we are going to talk about another gun control issue, this issue arises this concern that who should be allowed and permitted to buy assault rifles. Moreover, the transfer of ownership of machine guns started to be taxed in the time of 1934.

Then in the year of 1986, it was this “Firearm Owners’ Protection Act” that prohibited the official and overall transfer and possession of any kind of machine guns.

Hence, this gun violence has come out as a major and serious public health issue. It should now be dealt with utmost responsibility.