Your garden should be a place of peace. Somewhere you can unwind without a care in the world. Just having a flat plain lawn isn’t going to cut it. It’s hardly a rolling lush meadow is it? You need to go a little further with your garden design. Where do you start? What do you do? Don’t worry about those. Keep reading and you’ll know exactly what to do.


Water Feature & Bird Feeder

These two are going to work together in tandem to bring some real atmosphere to your garden. How do they do this? Through sound. Together they make a peaceful, beautiful noise. The trickling of water explains itself, but what about the bird feeder? It brings birds, of course. It’ll encourage birds to start nesting nearby, so long as you keep the feeder full. When they start nesting, you’ll hear more birdsong. How do you feel about waking up to the gentle chirps of birds outside?


As the title of this piece implies, decking can do a lot for your garden. What you need to start though is lumber. Lumber can be obtained through George Hill building supplies. You might need a lot of it to make your decking, so think about buying in bulk. Raised decking is a great idea if you want to layer your garden. It’s an especially great idea if your garden is on a slope or you have a conservatory. A patio is fine, but there’s something just more elegant and classy with decking. There’s an almost tropical feel to it, especially in the heat of a strong summer.

Potted Plants

The greenery of your garden doesn’t have to be limited to what you can plant either. Potted plants mean you can bring a little bit of vibrance onto the decking or patio. Get something tall and leafy to complete that tropical feel previously mentioned. You can get the plants already potted. If the pot doesn’t suit your aesthetic, just pot the plant into one that does. You may need to repot the plant a few times over the years, so you better get used to doing it now. Don’t forget to water it either. Even if it rains, there’s no guarantee the plant will get enough water.

Garden Furniture

No garden would be complete without a set of these. Whether you have many guests over or not, it’s nice to have them to hand. Just get them out when you have people over for a barbecue or general get together. A few solid plastic chairs are nice, but you have to think about storage. Folding chairs are a better candidate in these circumstances. Just fold them up and stack them in the garage when you’re done using them. Easy. You can even get folding chairs that recline too if you want to do some sunbathing.


A canopy is used mainly to get shade on yourself. Sure you can stick up a garden umbrella, but canopies have a nicer aesthetic. A garden umbrella says beach, but a canopy says tropics. It’s your decision, though.