Whilst some mothers can feed their babies without embarrassment (they are using bottles as an alternative), other mothers need some coverage. If you choose to breastfeed, you need to find the ideal cover that will help you feed your infant in public without concern. Whilst it would be nice to feed your baby at home all the time, when a baby gets hungry, it gets hungry. It doesn’t matter if you are lounging at home or shopping at the store.

Taking a Closer Look at This Form of Concealment

One idea would be to supply yourself with breastfeeding covers from Bebitza when your baby starts crying due to hunger. To introduce yourself to the practice, you need to review the nursing covers online. This piece of material, as you probably have surmised, is used to prevent strangers from seeing you whilst breastfeeding in public. You can liken the cover to the screens that nurses position around a hospital bed. In an instant, you can shut out the rest of the world with one of the covers and avoid any prying eyes.

What a Nursing Cover Should Do

Therefore, a nursing cover or canopy needs to perform three fundamental functions:

  1. It should adequately cover your breasts, not just the nipples but all sides. The cover should also cover your back.
  2. The cover should allow your baby to breathe. Whilst you need the cover to hide your chest, it will also cover the baby. Therefore, it needs to permit air ventilation as well. Beware of a cover that causes your baby to repeatedly fall asleep. If this happens, he or she may not be getting enough air.
  3. Lessen the stress of cleanup. Your breasts will leak, and your baby will likely spit up. In turn, your nursing cover can display the results of this. When this happens, you need a cover that will be easy for you to clean and maintain. Otherwise, you defeat the whole purpose of buying this type of blanket.

Protecting Your Privacy and the Health of Your Child

You might describe a breastfeeding cover as a type of loose-fitting apron. Carry the covering in your diaper bag and, when feeding time happens, simply take it out and put it on. Tighten the fittings, especially if you are feeding your baby in a windy location to prevent it from blowing up.

The cover you choose should be designed so you can keep an eye on your baby’s feeding activities as well. Make sure that it conceals your chest and gives you the opportunity to watch your child as he or she is feeding, which is very important.

How About a Shawl for Nursing?

With that being said, you can find a cover that does not resemble an apron and features a design that hides your chest and looks lovely to wear. This type of cover offers all the aforementioned benefits plus one more component — you will not feel as if you are wearing a cover. Instead, you will feel as if you are wearing a stylish piece of apparel, which is an added bonus!

When you wear this type of cover, it looks closer to a shawl instead of an apron and is the perfect solution to breastfeeding your baby in public. This innovative design is made for complete privacy. Some of the popular sellers are neutrally coloured or feature a leopard print. That way, you can add the cover easily with pants or a skirt and look fashionable. If you want to find a practical and stylish way to nurse your baby, this is the way to do it.