Having a dog in your household brings a great deal of affection and fun. These little furry family members are always supportive and loving. They soon create an unconditional bond between themselves and their parents which brings a sense of self-worth and value in the owner’s life. Owning a dog is beneficial for all family members whether they are kids, teenager or an elderly person. Do you know kids that live with dogs are less prone to allergies? Not only this, dogs also help kids in developing mental, emotional and behavioral skills. They also help family members to stay fit and improve their immune system. Studies have proved that owning a dog has several physical and mental benefits that increase your life expectancy. Let’s have a look in detail how your dog helps in increases your lifespan.

Best Friend:

Dogs help to break your isolation. They themselves are one of the best companions. They love you and are by your side no matter what the situation is. Not just this, dogs become lean ear for their owner in times of depression. They can speak their heart out without any fear. In addition to this, dog introduces you to new people when you take them out for the walk or for playtime at the park. They make their parents feel valued and provide them with a sense of responsibility because dog completely depends on their parents. So, it becomes your responsibility to bath your dog, talking him out for a walk and make a vice decision of feeding your dog with the best food.

Physical Health Benefits:


No list of happiest and active animals can be completed without adding our little furry creature’s name. Dogs are super active animals and it can be a delight for you. Cuddling, running, jogging or chasing them not just brings fun but moving around and staying physically active increases your immune system which helps you to prevent different diseases. Dogs do not just fill your heart with love but it also makes it stronger. As they keep you active it regulates your blood pressure which reduces the level of cholesterol and also decreases triglyceride level which improves the overall health of your heart. Dogs also help you to lose weight and build lean muscles which make you more confident by avoiding obesity and diseases such as diabetes type.

Mental Health Benefits:


Touch and staying physically active are two ways to deal with stress. Dogs bring intense happiness and sense of relaxation to their owners. Many people state that seeing their dog wagging his tail and waiting for them when they come back from work makes them forget the stress of all day. As I have mentioned prior that dogs love to cuddle and play with their owners that keep their owner’s blood pressure regulated that facilitates in decreasing stress hormones in their body. In addition to this, oxytocin is a hormone which is released in the presence of someone loveable which decreases anxiety and feeling of fear.

Keep your mind and body healthy by owning a dog pet and it will lead you to live a longer life.