Do you know how cloud computing helps health care industry? With the advanced emergence of technology, cloud computing is one of the emergent technology which has benefited almost all the fields and also the Healthcare industry.

What is Cloud and Cloud Computing?

In the digital era, when everyone has access to Internet, it is reliable to say that data can also be stored on the Internet. Therefore, cloud computing is the process of storing, uploading and accessing the data on Internet rather than storing it on the local hard disk of computer. Talking about the cloud, cloud is just the synonym of Internet. Uploading files on mails, Facebook, Drop box or any other online applications is the example of Cloud Computing while storing and uploading files on the computer is known as local computing. One of the most trending technologies used by Cloud computing  is BYOD (Bring your Own Device). BYOD is emerging as a new and leading technology and expanding itself in a variety of areas and industries.

BYOD in Healthcare industry

As it is known that Healthcare is a vast industry, it makes use of different technologies to make lives easier. Health care industries are also making use of BYOD technology. BYOD technique works in healthcare in a way that it allows doctors and practitioners to carry their own medical equipments like Blood pressure monitoring machine, Acupressure check, Digital thermometers, Stethoscope, etc. It helps them from escaping to share their equipments with other doctors or practitioners. One more benefit of keeping own devices is that doctors or practitioner do not need to wait for equipments in case of emergencies.

Some of the benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry

  1. Electronic Medical Reports: Cloud computing has made it easier to generate medical reports in healthcare industry. Earlier, one used to rush to hospitals or labs to get their medical reports but now cloud computing has replaced it with the use of technology. Now, there are many labs and hospitals, which usually upload the medical reports on internet and send patients the link to download their reports either on their email ids or on phone numbers.
  2. Online Consultation: Sometimes, it is not possible for a patient to come to the hospital due to his severe health issues. Therefore, in that case, the patient may consult any expert physician with the help of online consultation. Moreover, there are many hospitals, which provide the facility consulting a doctor on voice as well as video calls. This enables the patient as well as his/her family members to consult an international doctor in case they want to go for further treatment that cannot be availed in their own country. Therefore, we can rightly conclude that technology has brought a wide change in healthcare industry as well.
  3. Use of Big Data: Big Data is a word, which is very common nowadays. Every organization is making use of Big Data to store large number of information. It was not possible to store much data on traditional database, which was made possible by Big Data. In any hospital, there are number and number of patients who are admitted daily. So managing such data becomes difficult which has been made easy by introducing Big Data in the hospitals. Now data is more secure and safe.

These are some of the ways in which cloud computing has brought a revolutionary change in the Health industry.