Your feet do a lot of heavy lifting for you – it’s time to care for them with five simple steps.

You often don’t realise how important your feet are, till they become inflamed and start begging for attention. Most of us give them some attention only when we schedule a pedicure appointment. But the skin on the feet can get hard and dry subsequently of different conditions, such as, presentation to unforgiving chemicals and cleansers or might be poor quality of soaps, poor foot mind administration, nutritious inadequacies, and cruel climate conditions especially in winter.

Foot Care

Foot Care

it is easy enough to provide good foot care and love to your feet. Just follow these five simple steps which help you to care your foot and love them softly:

1 Get your feet out of shoes. Whenever you can, make it a point to take off your footwear to give your feet some rest. Tight shoes can make your feet sweat or ache. Walk around barefoot when you are at home. When at your work desk, take off your shoes and rest them on the floor, or wear soft slippers.

2 Walk on textured surfaces. Your feet must be stimulated regularly to promote blood circulation. Many public parks have pebbled walkways designed for ‘exercising’ the feet – take off your shoes and walk on these surfaces. They provide acupressure and heal minor pains and aches. You can also go to the beach and walk on the sand – this soothes the skin. Walking barefoot on grass, smooth granite surfaces and slightly rough stone surfaces is also recommended.

3 Give yourself a pedicure. A pedicure is essential for good foot care. Get a kit comprising nail file, clippers, cuticle pushers, sharp angled file to remove dirt from the nails and also buy cuticle cream, cotton, hydrogen peroxide (to bring dirt to the surface) and foot cream. Soak your feet for 5 minutes in warm water, then wash with soap and a soft brush. Clip the toenails and use the angled file to remove dirt. Next, pour a drop of hydrogen peroxide on the nail edges, and wipe away the remaining dirt with cotton. Use the cuticle cream and push the cuticles back. Now file the nails, dry the feet, apply a foot care cream and you’re done.


4 Massage the feet at the end of the day. Good foot care entails regularly massaging the feet. You can keep a hard rubber ball in your work desk, and roll it under your feet during the day to massage them. When you get home, kick off your shoes and give your feet a firm massage using your fingers. Be sure to go over sore, painful areas. This will restore circulation and remove exhaustion.

5 Drink a lot of water and eat a balanced diet. Your foot health is also determined by how hydrated the skin is and how strong and supple the bones and joints are. Drinking plenty of water every day will ensure that the skin is well moisturised. Meanwhile, a balanced diet comprising all the major nutrients will ensure that the bones are well nourished and able to perform well. A nourished body is also able to stave off injury and exhaustion much better – as are the feet!