Presently, tattooing has become more and more popular among people, belonging to different age groups. Tattoo fever has just caught everyone. In the early days, people used to consider this body ink art as a taboo. With the progression of time, the scenario has changed a lot and tattooing has become a great way to make a unique fashion statement.

Tattoos are permanent, and this is why; you should make this decision wisely; so that you will not have to regret later. Besides choosing a cheap studio and inexperienced artists, people often make several other mistakes when getting tattooed. In the following section, I have discussed a few mistakes which can ruin your new tattoo. Please check these out now.

  1. Using A Loofah When Washing New Tattoos

Your new tattoo is like a fresh wound. You should handle it carefully and give it ample time to heal properly. During the healing stage, you should avoid rubbing it with anything, like a sponge or loofah. You should not rub or scratch the area. This may cause your body ink art to smudge or fade. Rather, you should wash it gently with water.

  1. Rubbing A Towel Over Tattooed Skin

After a shower, you might like to dry off the tattooed skin. But do not rub a towel against the tattooed skin, since it will spoil your body ink art. What you need to do is to let it dry on its own.

  1. Applying A Thick Layer Of Ointment

Applying ointment to your fresh tattoo will undoubtedly help it to heal faster. But do not use a thick coat of ointment. Instead of this, use a thin layer of aftercare cream in order to let the tattooed skin breath.

  1. Scratching The Tattooed Skin

During the healing stage, quite normally, it will feel itchy. But no matter how itchy it feels, you should never scratch the tattooed skin. You should pat the area gently when you feel uncomfortable. You can consult highly professional and experienced artists from leading tattoo studio, Gold Coast; if you want to know more about tattoo aftercare tips.

  1. Exposing Tattoos To The Sun

The sunlight can cause tattoos to fade faster. To retain the beauty of your body ink art design, you should protect it from the sun. You need to cover it with clothing. Moreover, you must apply sunscreen whenever you are going outside.

  1. Exercising

You will be able to resume your usual activities after your new tattoos are completely healed. Do not work out in the gym when it is still fresh. Especially, if your tattoo has a large size, you should not exercise, during the healing stage.

  1. Swimming In A Pool

When your body ink art is still fresh, you should not take a bath in the swimming pool. Do not submerge it into the water, since this will prevent it from healing faster.

Hopefully, you will not make the above-mentioned mistakes. Try to keep in mind what I have said in the above section. Do not forget to obey the instructions, given by your artist. Take proper care of your tattoo and stay cool.