Making the decision to hire a lawn service is an intensely personal one. The correct answer to this question will vary from person to person. However, there are some things that you can consider that will help you determine if hiring a lawn service is worth the money. The answers to these questions must be answered truthfully and with a little consideration in order to arrive at the right decision. In addition, remember to give some thought to your physical condition. You need to think about whether or not it would be physically feasible for you to care for your own yard. This area should be part of the decision-making process too.


How Much Equipment Would You Need to do it Yourself?

One of the first things you should consider is how much lawn equipment would cost you. If you don’t own a lawnmower or any other additional tools you would need, this is a huge consideration. If you are looking to invest in a weed eater and a lawnmower you could end up spending well over $500. Of course, this depends on whether or not you buy used or new, in addition to the type of lawnmower you would need. If you already have the equipment, it might be worth caring for your own lawn. If you don’t, you may be better off hiring someone else to care for your lawn to avoid spending the extra money.


Can You Afford to Pay for Maintenance & Repairs?

Unfortunately, whether or not to purchase equipment is not the only serious question you should consider. You should also consider the price of maintaining and repairing your lawn equipment, should the equipment break. This would be an additional expense. However, it would still be a requirement. If you couldn’t afford the care and maintenance of your lawn equipment, it may be best to ask yourself what lawn care companies near me could affordably care for my lawn?


Is Your Yard Large?

Another huge consideration that will make it easy to determine if you truly need a lawn service, is the size and needs of your yard. If you have a small modest yard, more than likely you are better off purchasing an inexpensive or second-hand lawnmower, nothing fancy, to cut your yard. In this situation, a lawn service would probably be a waste of money. However, if your yard is vast with lots of intricate landscaping, it may be well worth your time to hire a lawn service. The time and effort it would take to care for your yard may not outweigh the benefits of letting a professional company take care of it.


Are You Up to it?

Most people don’t consider their own physical health when they think about lawn care. However, this is a really important area that must be looked at. If you have back problems and don’t actually have the physical stamina to care for your yard, doing it yourself is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Hire a lawn service instead of compromising your health. This is a situation where a move like this would be well worth the money.

Only you can determine if hiring a lawn care company would be the best decision for you, your finances, and the demands of your yard. There is no right or wrong answer. However, the answers do require thought. It’s best to conclude that a small low maintenance yard might be best served by simply saving the money and cutting it yourself. However, if your yard is large, heavily landscaped, and filled with hills and valleys, a lawn service might be a more cost-effective solution. Furthermore, if your physical condition would make it difficult for you to consistently maintain your yard, by all means, hire a lawn service. It will save you stress and money in the long run.