The eyes will always give the people that you meet an expression about yourself. It is paramount to make sure that your eyes talk or tell well about you. Sunken eyes, line bags, and circles near the eye region are the main problems that many people face. Mostly, these are caused by old age and poor skin care. Unfortunately, all these show signs of fatigue, old age, dehydration or sickness. You do not have to let your face betray you like that. Try home remedies and you will have a different story. Importantly, ensure that you get enough hours of sleep and avoid stress, and you will not have the problem of the dark region on your face. Sunken and exhausted eyes will also be a story of the past.

Raw potato

A raw potato contains natural bleaching effect. It will work well on your skin to take care of the dark circles under the eyes. The procedure is simple, and you will do it from the comfort of your home. Take two size potatoes and chill them. Cut the chilled potatoes into small pieces and then blend them. Use a sieve to get an excellent juice. Using a cotton ball, apply the juice in the region around the eyes and especially the affected part. You can go on with your home chores as you give the juice fifteen minutes to infiltrate the skin. Wash the juice off with cold water and make sure to rinse properly. After that, apply your eye cream, taking great interest in the affected areas. You should repeat this once in every day until you notice the change. In case you do not have a blender in your house, you could mash the potatoes and apply the paste on eye sockets concentrating on the affected regions.


Cucumber is believed to be packed with lots of skin lightener agent. It is mainly recommended as a home remedy for the puffiness and under eye bags because of the ease to use and the short time for expected results. Cucumber will also help tone your skin. To use, take your cucumber and a sharp knife. Cut the cucumber into thin slices. Place them in the fridge for about thirty minutes to chill them out. Then, clean your face and place the slices in the affected regions. Leave them there for ten minutes and then wash off your skin with clean water. Cucumber will not only help remove the dark areas, but also relax your eyes. Otherwise, you can mix equal quantities of lemon and cucumber juice in a glass and use a clean cotton ball to apply the mixture to the affected areas. Leave the juice for fifteen minutes to work on correcting the dark circles. Wash it off with plain water and make sure to repeat it for several days so as to achieve results.

Rose Water

Rose water is cheap and thus, is commonly used to remove dark circles. Put the water in a bowl. Soak two cotton balls in the water and leave them there for some minutes. Place the soaked balls in the eye sockets and let them stay there for about ten minutes. To achieve optimal results, repeat this procedure twice every day for a few weeks.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is gentle on the skin, and this makes it a preferred remedy for correction of dark circles under the eye. Almond works to lighten and relax the eyes. It is easy to use, and you only need to place a few drops of the oil in the affected regions and use your fingers to massage the oil gently. To obtain best results, use the oil every evening before going to bed. Remove it in the morning as you take your shower and then apply eye cream to enhance results.

Cold water or milk

Due to the thin skin around the eyes, blood vessels around the eyes are more conspicuous and appear blue in color. It leads to the appearance of dark regions around the eyes. It can be corrected by washing your face with cold water or milk. Cold water and milk help to constrain the blood vessels and make them invisible, thus reducing the appearance of dark regions. Alternatively, wrap some ice cubes in a thin towel and place them in the eye sockets. It helps to constrict the blood vessels. This procedure is quite cheap as you can use anything frozen starting from spoons and tea bags. Repeat this every day for several weeks and you will see positive results. Do not stop until all the blood vessels constrict and are not visible.


Home remedies are ideal for many skin issues. Mostly they use natural materials that have minimal side effects. They will work on the skin with tender care, thus necessitating patience for positive results.