For thousands of years, we have kept cats in our households. They keep pests away, act as playmates for our children. Many of us love them due to their playful, comforting nature. Therefore, we need to take care of our cats by providing them with a number of favorable conditions. Examples of these are proper healthcare and good nutrition. Our cats need to be provided with a healthy, balanced diet.

There is a huge variety of foods and vitamins available for our cats. These are manufactured by various companies for the well-being of your beloved pet. While shopping for some cat food, one of the most important things to consider is the breed of your cat.

Are there breed specific types of cat food available in the market? The answer is a resounding yes. Make sure you purchase some cat food according to your pet’s breed. This way, you can ensure that your cat will love every single bite and thus enjoy superb health. Read on to learn more.

Breed specific cat food


According to veterinarians and animal nutritionists, it is important to get the right type of cat food for your cat’s breed. Every cat is unique. Therefore, one type of cat food is not perfect for all breeds. There are various breeds of cats for example the Siamese, Maine Coon, Canadian Sphynx, Persian and British Shorthair cats. Each one should have some food that is specifically made for its breed. Thankfully, there are some manufacturers who produce breed specific cat food.

To ensure that your cat stays healthy and in perfect condition, you should feed it some food that is tailor-made for its breed. There are manufacturers who provide this type of cat food. An example of such a producer is Royal Canin. They have a variety of types of cat food that is tailor made for each breed. After going through their product line, you are bound to find some that are perfect for your cat.

The manufacturers work with professional breeders to find out the characteristics of all the cat breeds available today. After that, they discover the nutritional requirements of these cat breeds and produce food that will satisfy these needs. After that, you can buy breed specific cat food and keep your resident feline happy, healthy and comfortable.

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This type of cat food is made up of minerals that can protect the joints of your cat. Moreover, it works to keep the cat’s coat healthy and shiny. Breed specific cat food has many benefits that you cannot find in general types of cat food. An outstanding one is the shape of the food. Each cat breed has jaws that are shaped in a unique way. Thus, the manufacturers ensure that the breed specific cat food is shaped in such a way that the cat can comfortably chew the pieces of food.

This ensures that your cat enjoys top notch oral hygiene and overall health. There are many types of cat breeds today. By learning more about them, you can identify the breed of your cat and discover its major characteristics. This will assist you to make a much more informed decision when you are shopping for breed specific cat food.

Learn about some common cat breeds


Cats are categorized into 2 main types. These are the wild and the domestic cats. From these categories, the domestic ones are divided into breeds. Each breed has some unique features. They can be physical features or types of personalities. Examples of some physical features are short tails, folded ears, short legs, long fur or even a hairless coat.

Some breeds are unique and not mixed up with others. They are known as pedigrees. Others are hybrid breeds that have been made by crossing wild and domestic cats. Here are some common breeds of cats that you can find around you.

The Munchkin

This is a breed of cats that is characterized by short legs and a bushy coat of fur. Munchkins are well loved due to their small size and cute, playful nature. They commonly appear with brown coats that have white or black patches on them. Due to their small size, their breed specific food is made into pieces which are small and easy to chew.

The Canadian Sphynx

This is a famous breed of hairless cats. They have soft skin that has not a single strand of hair on them. Large, dark patches cover their skin on the back and on the nose. The rest of their body is pink in color. They are known for their brooding nature and comfort around people. To keep their skin healthy and able to resist bacterial infections, the breed specific food for Canadian Sphynxes is full of specialized vitamin D.

The Maine Coon

This is a breed of cats that have long hair. They are playful, mischievous and make excellent playmates for kids. The Maine Coon can easily be identified thanks to its coat of brown and white fur. It is an active cat. Therefore, the food for this breed is packed full of calcium to make its bones strong and vitamins to keep it strong enough to resist diseases as it runs around the house and compound all day.



When you feed your cat some food that has been made specifically for its breed, you are making sure that it gets the minerals that are ideal for it. In addition to nutritious feeding, you should provide your furry friend with clean water served in special glasses. Cats enjoy feeling fancy as they lap water from a glass. The food should be served in clean bowls.

Alternatively, you can utilize an automatic cat feeder. This is a machine which has a timer that you can set so that it provides your cat with some food at specific times of the day. This allows it to keep feeding your cat even when you are away at work or on holiday. Don’t forget to clean the litter box regularly. After providing these conditions for your cat, they will love you and provide excellent, healthy company for you and your family.

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