If you want to surprise someone you love, or someone close to you with a gift, it doesn’t necessarily need to be something expensive or glamorous to hit the right place in someone’s heart. Paying attention and caring about others is more important than spending a fortune on an unnecessary item. In addition, you can be innovative and make the gift yourself. Not only will you show that you put in some effort and creativity in it, but it can probably be more original than anything you can find in the mall. Here are few cool ideas for inspiration.


A book dock – phone charger
Take a few books which you don’t need any more. You can use the whole book or only the covers. Place them vertically to one another and drill a hole through which you will attach a cable from the charger. If you are using only book covers, you can go one step further and make departments, perfect for keeping smaller items and jewelry. For instance, if you stick four books together, there’s a place for four cute little drawers – at the top is the throne for you mobile phone, or even the lamp which you can easy install in similar way as a charger.

An artistic umbrella
If you’re good with colours, you can express yourself by painting an umbrella. All you have to do is buy a simple stock umbrella (white or yellow) and get some paint. You have probably noticed that most people wear dark umbrellas when it rains. Is it just us, or you might also think this have no sense?! Since it is depressive enough to be outside when it’s raining, you can at least have a colourful umbrella by your side. What do you think about splashing some neon green or yellow umbrella? It is probably the most original umbrella ever.

An interesting wreath
You could make a wreath of candies, photographs or even teabags. Make a circle from cardboard, which you can decorate with foils and then attach different teabags using clothespins. Be creative with tea selection – the more kinds of tea, the better it will look. Similarly, you make a dream catcher – all you need is a metal hoop, colourful treads, and some nice feathers.

Wall decorations
A framed group photo is something that always works. It`s sentimental and great as a gift. However, if you want to do something different, you can make a frame of your own or remove the keys from your old keyboard and sort the letters to form funny message underneath your picture. Collage can be interesting too – for instance, bunch of smaller photos which make up one larger image. You can also make collage on your computer and print it out at one of art canvas shops such as Blue Horizon Prints.

`Hi-tech` gifts
Forget about throwing away your old CD-s because you can give them a new life by making a disco curtain out of them. And what about ancient floppy disks? You probably have not even dream that you will ever be able to make something of them. Well, guess what – you need only five pieces to make a flower pot.
Anything can be used to create a perfect gift for your friend, your mom, or your partner. Your creativity will turn a simple gift into small piece of art.