As your parents get older, they will need help with new problems that arise in their life. Your children still aren’t old enough to take care of their needs. Trying to do so many things at once will lead to stress taking control of your life. This could affect your health when you need it the most.

Weekly Meal Planning for Parents

This will save a lot of time by planning ahead and assisting parents with nutritional meals that are easy to fix. They will enjoy the independence of still being to fix most of their meals. The use of a slow cooker can also help make simple, nutritional meals with a little creativity.

Having Your Children Help in the Kitchen

Teaching your kids to help with meal preparation will save you time after they learn the concepts. This will teach the children responsibility and help create a feeling of independence. It can also be very enjoyable while you spend more family time together. Soon they will be able to help with meal planning with your parents.

Only One

You are just one person and can’t do everything. Seek out help from relatives and close friends to help monitor your parents and children. There are also many programs that offer meal delivery and transportation services for the elderly. This includes trips to the doctor, store, and even home delivery of medicines and groceries. Explain to your parents and children that you can not always be there, especially if you are also working. There are senior citizen centers in most counties that offer meals at discounted prices as well as activities.

Cell Phones

Making sure your children and parents have a cell phone and know how to use it can take some of the stress off you. Instead of checking on your parents constantly to see if they need anything, they will be able to contact you. Giving a child a phone that is prepaid with a limited amount of data will teach them responsibility and how to budget.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Retirement planning is not just about having money for the future. Health is a very important part of retirement. Your parents will need less help as they will retain their independence and health into their eighties and even possibly the nineties. Some things will include, proper weight control, healthy foods, quitting cigarettes, and a very limited alcohol intake.

Parents Facing Disabilities

Your parents could have age related disabilities like having to use oxygen or a wheelchair. Their house could be remodeled to help them re-gain more independence. Redesigning the kitchen, bath, and laundry room can help them accomplish more tasks and be safer in the bathroom. A front loading washer and dryer makes doing laundry easier for those in a wheelchair. Cabinets can be redesigned to make items more accessible. Motion sensing lights can be installed as well as monitoring and alarm systems.

Don’t Become Overwhelmed

Trying to do to much can cause a lot of stress. Seek help for emotional problems that may arise. Your children and parents both know you care for them. Take time for yourself. This is a very important way for your body to recharge. Learning yoga or meditation can help relieve stress that has built up. Sometimes you need to learn to say no. Taking a bath with essential oils can also be a stress relief.


Learning to balance time between your children and parents means not going it alone. Help is available from friends, family, and outside sources. Keeping yourself healthy is also very important. Eat healthy, take supplements, and control your stress. Learn to ask others for help when needed.