Many people desire a proportionate and beautiful figure as it helps them wear various types of outfits confidently, which boosts their confidence too. Modern cosmetic technology and surgical procedures allow people to make some changes to their appearance. So, you can alter the shape of your nose or even the shape of your buttocks. Today, the Brazilian butt lift is a common cosmetic procedure, and here is some information about it.

The Brazilian Butt Lift- What Is It?

The Brazilian butt lift is a unique surgical procedure wherein the surgeon transfers a certain amount of fat from other parts of your anatomy to your buttocks. It can be used to alter the shape, firmness, and size of the buttocks, so they look more appealing. No chemical solutions or fillers are used in the process.  The excess fat is removed from your thighs, hips, abdomen, etc., using liposuction, after which it is injected into the buttocks.

Why Should You Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

This surgery has dual benefits. The excess fat can be removed from any problem areas on your body, which gives you a slimmer appearance. When that fat is added to the butt, you get a firm-looking posterior and the shape you desire. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will make sure that the proportions are right so that your body gets a distinct and balanced look. It means you kill two birds with one stone- get a great body shape and an improved butt.

This surgery is an excellent way to overcome any genetic disadvantages. While some people attempt to do exercises to add volume to their butt, these efforts are largely futile. They end up losing excess fat, but can’t get the buttock shape they want.  Sometimes fillers and cosmetic surgery are the only methods to get kind of results you desire. When you get a butt lift, it helps you get the desired body shape, you feel more confident, and your clothes fit better as well.

Is a Lift The Same as an Implant?

If you want to increase your buttock volume, you have a couple of options before you- implants or lift surgery. These are two entirely different procedures, and these are aspects to consider while making your decision.

  • Butt lifts may not be an option for you if you are naturally lean and do not have enough fat in their abdomen, lower back, thighs, etc. In this case, an implant would be the only alternative.
  • Lifts provide more natural-looking result and are a relatively low-risk procedure
  • An Implant is best suited for people with low body fat stores. But sometimes, this surgery can prove to be risky as it can give rise to infections.
  • Implants don’t look and feel as natural as a lift, and most patients take some time to get accustomed to them.
  • Implants also look and feel unnatural. Most patients require some time to get accustomed to their presence.

Discuss these options with a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to get a better understanding of all of the pros and cons before you make a decision.

Are You The Right Candidate?

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, every patient has particular expectations. When you are deciding between these two, these are the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Do you want just a butt augmentation without any implants?
  • Do you want a very natural result?
  • Do your hips and buttocks have a good skin tone?
  • Do all the harvest sites like the abdomen, lower back hips and thighs have sufficient fat?
  • Are you okay with avoiding sitting on your butt directly for a few weeks post the surgery?

As mentioned earlier, its best to discuss the options with your doctor and get all the information you can about the Brazilian butt lift before making your final decision.