If you are thinking of making over the exterior of your home then you’ll want to choose the right way of doing it.

Done properly an exterior makeover can make your home look more attractive, more user friendly and even reduce your energy bills. It should also add value to your home!

That’s several good reasons to start planning the exterior makeover today!

Here are 5 great ideas to get you started.

  1. Clad It

Whether you call it cladding or a curtain wall the result is the same. Your home is covered in a new material; effecting n instant transformation.

It is worth considering the style of housing in your neighborhood before you indulge in your favorite cladding, you do need your home to complement the area not become the local eyesore.

You may also need to verify that you are allowed to clad it.

You can choose from uPVC, metal, wood, stone or a variety of other materials. The cladding is usually easy to fit although it is best done by a professional.

Once installed it will insulate your home; reducing your energy bills. It will also be very easy to maintain, most claddings simply need washing very year.

  1. Look At Your Driveway

Your driveway may be taken for granted but it is often the first thing people see when they visit or even drive past your home.

There is little point in cladding your home to make it look stunning when you have a cracked and potholed driveway!

Choose between tarmac, gravel, concrete, block paving or any other material you like and which suits your home.  There are many different designs.

Your driveway is a great exterior makeover but one that is actually very easy to do. In many cases the groundwork is already in place, it simply needs recoating.

Of course, you can take this a step further and change the design. If you have the room a circular, in and out, style driveway will add a touch of class and elegance. It is also very convenient.

  1. Landscaping

A professional landscaping firm will be happy to advise you regarding how you could redesign your garden space.

Most people will be attracted to a garden with a well cared for lawn, a tree or two and some colorful shrubs.

This will keep them interested as there is plenty to look at but not so much that the thought of looking after it will make them sick to their stomach.

It can be difficult to get the balance right and it will depend on your personal tastes but developing the space you have available will really make your exterior makeover look fantastic.

Alongside the shrubs it is worth adding some perennials. These will help to keep color in your garden right through the year; making it a desirable place to be.

  1. Patio

You want to enjoy your outside space. The best way to do this is to redesign and revitalize any seating area you have.

Patios are good; decking is often better and easier to create in the right shape.

You’ll want it to come straight off your house and give a good view across your garden. You need to have a big enough seating area to accommodate your friends when you want to entertain.

You may even want to add an outside kitchen.

Don’t forget lighting round the deck area. This will be useful on the darker evenings and extend the amount of time you can sit on your deck. It will also help you to set the right ambience; depending on what you are doing.

  1. Doors & Windows

Finally you should take a look at your doors and windows. If they are dirty then clean them and this may be enough.

But, the chances are they are getting tired and old. This is a good opportunity to replace them with more energy efficient ones. They will complement your cladding perfectly and help to save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

It is important to get windows and doors that fit with the style of the house and the area. This can be very restricting regarding the range of window choice.

However, you’ll find that you have much more scope with the door. A modern door can really make a difference to the way the house feels and complete your 5 step makeover.

You will want to buy the house again; fortunately you already own it!