A bad hair day can be a drag, especially when you are going to meet someone special or attend a party.  How about that receding hairline?  It can diminish a person’s confidence and love-life.  With the advent of technology, fighting such issues has become easier.  But does that mean that a full head of hair can be restored to a bald head?  Many skeptics would find that hard to believe.  This is an issue that has the world’s attention because hair loss is very common.  The good news is that stem cells for hair loss treatments really work.  How so?  Let’s investigate this topic further and get a closer look.

Is stem cell therapy for hair loss effective?

This is classified as a hair transplantation procedure.  It is very efficient and non-invasive, thus not involving any surgery.  Human hair follicles are designed to grow new hair after the old hairs fall out.  But any damaged cells can prevent new hairs from developing again.  When stem cell therapy is used, the stem cells present in the follicles are stimulated, and this helps in the regrowth of hair.  Temporary scaffolding is enriched with stem cells, and after being injected into the scalp, the hair follicles can orient themselves within the proper location, resulting in the growth of new hair.  The stem cell for hair loss treatments is done according to an individual’s needs.  For those with moderate hair loss, only 2 to 3 sittings are required.  In the first sitting, the hair follicles are removed from the head and collected. Approximately 500 hairs are needed.  Then they are cultivated in the lab and are made to produce more cells.  Over a period of 20 days, they can multiply into 1 Lakh (100,000) cells. Then, the cultivated hair that is in a mature stage can be injected back into the scalp.

Get acquainted with the procedure

Additional stem cell treatments are offered after the hair restoration process.  Although completely different, they go even further in treating hair loss.  Using centrifugation (after some blood from the patient is extracted) the stem cells are separated and injected into the desired area.  This again helps in regrowth without the need for surgery.  After having chosen this stem cell therapy for hair loss, a patient can rest assured that their hair loss plight has been resolved.  There is no pain afterward; just some mild discomfort is experienced.  The results can be seen shortly thereafter, literally within a month after starting the program.  Moreover, there are very few settings required, with all of this involving only slightly invasive therapy.  Therefore, you will not need to take much time off from work for this treatment, or for the recovery period.

This is strictly an in-house therapy treatment, and after the injections are given, the results can be seen.  A healthy, shiny & beautiful head of hair will return & continue growing again. Thus, stem cell for hair loss therapy offers long-term results in a very short period of time.

Kindly consult with a hair expert before going to this or any other hair treatment. So that you can avoid side-effect and get the proper hair treatment that you need.