Digital Graffiti Walls: Making Events across the Globe a Success

Are you thinking of organizing an event? Have you thought about the entertainment at the event? None of your guests can have enough stories to keep them chatting through the event, surely! Neither can dance all night and music, keep them entertained for the entire length of the event.

Thinking of making an exotic addition to your event? Why not hire a digital graffiti wall for your event? These walls can actually be an amazing way to keep your guests interested throughout the event. How can something as simple as a digital wall help make your event a success? Before we go into that, you need to understand the way these walls work.


These walls are basically like a huge photo booth, where the guests can create masterpieces of their own. These offer the guests a chance to interact, so that all can join in and have some fun. The guest gets a “spray can”, which in reality emanates light onto the screen instead of paint. You can consider it to be a type of digital paint, so your guests can let their creativity flow, and create artwork they want, quirky or traditional. With the walls, you get a wide variety of colours and effects. You can also get stencils that your guests can use for their artwork.


These walls have many features that can engage your guests’ attention and keep them entertained. Here are a few:

  1.   Photo Booth Mode: This kind of wall usually has live photo features, which allows your guests to take their own pictures. They can then use the different stencils and stamps available in the wall to give the photos a digital makeover. These photos can be printed if your guests want, but might contain the brand logo of the agency from which you hired the wall. This does not affect the photo in anyway and helps you etch a great memory of your event.
  2.      Option for Customisation: Everything about these digital walls is usually customisable, the background, stencils and even the stamps. This will help you and your guests build a theme or identity as they would like to, thereby providing a customised experience for you and your guests.
  3.   Numerous Templates: Does your event have a particular theme? Then, these walls can actually help you highlight the theme of your event. Provide an outline, which is specific and let your guests’ creativity loose. Suppose you plan your event on the theme of cars, let your guests design cars and parts of cars, so that they get a good idea about the theme of the event.  If you are a brand associated with cars, then the same things will help create a good brand campaign. This is possible because of the numerous templates that the walls have integrated in them.
  4.   Range of stickers & stamps: All of these digital walls have a set of preloaded stencils and stickers. The amount of the stickers is huge and really impressive, so that each guest can create a unique artwork. Some of the agencies may also offer to create unique stamps and stickers that are custom made for your event. They could also integrate characters, if you need it.

Remember, that the guests of your event should be happy at the end of the event, if you want it to be a success. Apart from food, venue and decorations, a major part of any event is keeping the guests engaged throughout the course of the event. The digital graffiti walls provide you the perfect tools to do that. These can excite the guests as they gain an ability to express their artistic side and have fun along the way. These digital walls are in fact a perfect addition to any event to make them a success.  

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