Different Ways to Decorate for the Holidays


Not everybody has the same taste in fashion or style so your holiday decorations should not all be the same. It can get boring going from house to house seeing the same kind of trees and decorations. There are a lot of ways you can make your house unique and stylish without completing getting rid of your holiday traditions.   


Your home should be a place of peace and refugee, not chaos and stress. The holidays are no exception so you should be mindful when you decorate home for the holidays. Here are five different styles to decorate your home this year:



If you want to do something a little different while still celebrating the holidays, take a leaf out of your grandmother’s book at try some vintage decorations. They do not have to be super old and dusty, these can be new and super cute that will wow your holiday party guests.


These items can be something as special as icicle shaped lights or something as small as using popcorn as part of your decorations. If you want to channel some of these vintage vibes be sure to focus on things that are made of ceramic. That’s right, ceramic lights and even ceramic house decorations were sure to be found in a lot of houses during the 50s and 60s.


You do not have to have a time machine to find some amazing vintage items. These items can be found online or possible in your older relatives basement.



If you hear this word and think of big decorations that are kind of ridiculous, you are on the right track. This just means you can decorate in an extravagant way that will make your guest’s jaws drop. It is a great idea if you like nice things and are a huge supporter of the holidays.


You will have to take a good look at your budget and savings to see if you can afford to spend some money on decorations. You do not have to do this all in one year and it can be spread out over several years of careful budgeting and you can have a beautiful collection of decorations for such a special time of year.



Do you love the outdoors and nature in general? Decorating your home in a rustic and country style could be the perfect fit for your home. There are a lot of ways to do this such as cutting down a fresh pine tree and set it up in your home.


You can have decorations that reflect your passion for hunting, fishing, and even cars. Many online sites offer farmhouse decorations for your holiday decorating needs.



Yes, minimalists can decorate and also have a great holiday season. Since you live in a way that does not promote the collecting of materials you may have a hard time deciding what you can decorate with. You can ditch the christmas tree idea all together and can let go of the idea of having a box or two dedicated to objects you bring out for several months. You can always add a little sparkle to your room by having white lights or getting a poinsettia that you can throw away once it dies.  



Many having a fresh cut pine tree is not your speed and you would prefer a mess-free fake christmas trees. Your christmas lights can be eco-friendly and save you money on your electric bill by having energy efficient lights. If you do not enjoy the traditional decorations of wreaths and nutcrackers you can do something that is a little less conventional. You can change the color palette of your living room or house to green and red for a nice, subtle touch of the holidays without taking up too much space or room.  


What is something that you do that is a little different to decorate for the holidays? Comment below and share this with a friend.