During any wedding season, most of the debate revolves around what everyone is going to wear. The dresses are a very essential part of any wedding which required a lot of planning and also a lot of effort to get made. With all the debates, confusions and tantrums, there are some things that seldom change. These are some traditional clothing styles that never go out of fashion. A saree is one of such dresses that has been in style for centuries yet it can be said with utmost surety that it will stay for as long as there is life.

That being said, let me tell you about some of the most popular and stylish saree drapes that are trending this year. Keep on reading to find out!

Different types of Saree Drapes

A saree consists of three pieces of clothing: A blouse, a petticoat, and a saree, which is a one-piece fabric approximately 6 yards long. You must also have some safety pins to hold your saree in place after you’re done draping it. You can get beautiful designer saree at different online stores like Libas e Jamila etc. that deliver in many countries around the world. After you have all the necessary things, it’s time to drape your saree. Given below are some of the styles of wearing your saree.

Basic Saree Drape

This is the traditional drape of a saree that has been popular amongst women for a long time. This style has pleats in the front, then you wrap the saree once around your body and then take it all the way up to your shoulder and drop it in the back. You can either pin up the part using a safety pin or let it loose over your arm depending on your personal preference. 

Butterfly Style

This drape style is very close to the basic saree. The difference is that the saree is wrapped around a bit more tightly. When the saree is dropped back from the shoulder, then you pin the part of it that is hanging on your arm. You make pleats that come in the front of your body and you tightly pin it up on your shoulder.

Mumtaz Style

This style is inspired from how Mumtaz used to wear her saree in the movie Ram aur Shyaam. This drape is all about the layering. The saree cloth is layered, making one layer shorter than the one below it. Then finally it is pinned up and dropped from the shoulder. 

Bengali Drape

The Bengali style of draping is famous in Bangladesh. The popular colors of a Bengali saree include white and shades of red and orange. In this drape you don’t put a lot of pleats in the front. Just a couple of them to make the proper fall of the saree, then you take the pallu end and drape it over your right shoulder in a loose manner. Then take one edge of that end, bring it all the way around your back towards the front, and pin the edge on your left shoulder front the front side. It is a fairly simple yet very traditional way of wearing a saree.

Gujrati Style

This style resembles the Bengali style of draping a saree. For a Gujrati drape, you will make pleats in the front of your saree just like in the basic style, and then make pleats with the end of the cloth. You then take it towards the back, and instead of wrapping around the body and then draping on the right arm and shoulder like in basic style, you bring the pleated part towards the front over your left shoulder. You then take one edge and pin it towards the right of your waist, opening up the fabric over your stomach area.

Modern Saree Drapes for Parties

Sarees are becoming quite a trend in countries like the UK, Canada etc. You can buy gorgeous uk saree online and get them delivered at your home. The above-mentioned styles, however beautiful, are a bit traditional and go well with cultural / religions events or weddings. If you wish to wear a saree at a party like gathering, you can opt for the following drape styles. 

Belt Style

After wrapping your saree around your body and pinning it up over your shoulder, you can wear a fancy belt over it to give your saree a more modern look. The drape in the style is a bit thin so that the belt is more prominent.

Pant Style

Instead of wearing a petticoat, you can opt for a beautiful pant to match your saree. Drape your saree in a way to let your pants show from underneath and you have an astounding modern saree to show off at any party.

There were some saree drapes that are quite a trend around the world. If you wish to buy beautiful designer sarees online you can visit different online stores that include lashkaraa, Libas e Jamila, mirraw, etc. I hope you like these drape styles and you will definitely try them out to create gorgeous and classy looks.