Office strip outs are usually known as high-risk activities. Hence, it is important for the team that carries out the demolition to be skilled and responsible. If the team acts carelessly, many lives can be at risk in the future. Some of the key activities that are part of the office strip outs are concrete cutting, structural demolition, and remedial demolition.

How To Choose The Right Contractor For Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is one of the key services offered by strip out companies. Some of the factors that one needs to keep in mind while looking for a cutting contractor are-

#1. Getting A Number Of Quotes

It is good for the user to obtain more than one quotes for a task. Since these quotes do not involve any work commitment, so a customer can obtain a respectable number of quotes for a better comparison. For an effective comparison, the customer can also request for break up in the quote, which makes it very convenient for the user to compare each quote.

#2. Selecting Superior Tools

When office strip outs are being performed, the customer should look for companies that employ the most advanced power tools. Better the quality of the tools like motor rakes, grinders, stone splitters, and hire wall chasers, better strip out product will be delivered to the customers. Even though it is hard to find a reliable contractor, and it is even more challenging to find the companies that use the best tools.

#3. Proof Of Insurance

To avoid significant losses due to injury, the customer should ask the company to ask for insurance papers from the company that is selected to perform the office strip outs.

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How To Choose The Best Contractor For Structural Demolition?

#1. Looking At The Previous Work

The customer should ask for references of customers for whom the particular office strip outs contractor has worked for. The photos of the work should be carefully evaluated with great detail to understand the finish provided by the contractor.

#2. Exercise Caution And Restrain

The customer should show caution and restraint because bad contractors are readily available in the market. The customers should shop around to find the right contractor who suits to the budget and the requirement of the customer. The customer should be extremely careful if the contractor says that he will try to fit the task in his tight schedule. This shows that the contractor is promising more than he can handle. Such contractors usually delay the entire office strip outs related project and probably overshoot on the budget.

#3. After Agreeing On The Particular Work 

In the middle of the work, if the contractor does not return the calls of the customer then the customer should be really worried. Hence, it is always better for the customer to conduct enough research before hiring the contractor for office strip outs.

What Is Remedial Demolition?

Remedial demolition is one of the services offered by office strip out companies. It is usually a complex set of activities that involves industrial recovery, site clearance, structural dismantlement, environmental remediation, recycling, and many more. This is one of the most sophisticated crafts with respect to office strip outs, which usually involves the use of hydraulic equipment like loaders, wrecking balls, cranes and many more.

The other types of office strip outs are-

  • Concrete demolition
  • Structural Demolition
  • Knockdown of buildings
  • Concrete slab penetration
  • Silent demolition of concrete
  • Door and window openings
  • Kitchen demolition
  • Propping of walls
  • Structural steel installation
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Removal of water proofing
  • Partial demolish
  • Propping of slabs