Whether you’re planning a final tribute or want to add some celebration in the lives of loved ones, you might have come across various memorial packages along with the memorial stationery. With the help of celebration of life prayer cards, you’ll definitely be able to learn more about the funerals and how to celebrate them. Memorial stationery is something that could really help you with the celebration of the life of your loved ones.

Check Out The Most Common Memorial Stationery Pieces!

  • Funeral Programs – These are also known as bulletins, memorial folders or a folded pamphlet. It includes everything from the order of service to the details and timings of a funeral. These are excellent when it comes to personalization in the funerals. You can include anything in these like the favourite photos, poems, written quotes, messages, recipes, personal details and so on. If they are religious, you can also include a verse or scripture. There’s a lot of room for flexibility when it comes to funeral programs.


  • Memorial Thank You Cards – Memorial cards are often used as the memorable keepsakes at memorial services. These include the basic information about the person who has died or easily slips into the wallet or book of the guests. You can also use them as thank you cards as well. They usually serve as a reminder of the loved ones. You can also add up the inspirational quotation in this memorial thank you cards.


  • Folded Memorial Cards – These are similar to the memorial folders but are tiny in size. These are the types of memorial cards that can be personalized in a variety of ways. These are typically used at the memorials, wakes, visitations, viewings and so on. Make sure that you include all the types of service information in these folded memorial cards.


  • Memorial Prayer Cards – It’s rooted in the catholic tradition to use them as the holy card. It’s one of the most common memorial cards which includes religious symbols, prayer cards, personal information and various other things about the deceased and the family. Mourners often use these prayer cards as a keepsake that is used as the reminder to pray for the families of the person who is no more with us.


  • Memorial Bookmarks – It’s not something that it sounds like. This bookmark comes with the picture of a person who has died. It consists of the birth and death dates of the person. For personalization, you can also add your favourite poems, reading verses, scriptures, inspirational quotes etc. These bookmarks are often kept as keepsakes and reminders to pray for the family of the ones who has lost their loved ones.


  • Acknowledgement Cards – These are a common piece of memorial stationery which are used in the entire processes with family, siblings, friends to take on the roles and responsibilities to help out the grieving families. These are for the families who want to go over and beyond the sympathy gifts. You can write your favourite verses or poems and make yourself at ease with these amazing memorial thank you cards.


To briefly conclude, every funeral home has memorial stationery that varies depending upon the costs and look. It is up to you to decide which funeral stationery to choose whenever you are all set to celebrate the life of the one who’s no longer with you. You’re the one who needs to choose which items you require and the ones that you prefer not to. Make sure that you have a conversation with the funeral homes about your choice of funeral stationery and other options before you go for them. More than anything else, the funeral home and the staff will help you in creating a meaningful, personalized and healing funeral experience which will bring peace and comfort to the families. Talk to all of them about your requirements and what do you need to work together and create a perfect final tribute for the same.


Happy Funeral Services!