Carpentry is one of the oldest and most useful services available in the world. A carpenter’s service particularly involves dealing with wooden structures, fixing them or constructing something out of wood. Other than works mentioned above, a carpenter also deals with window frames, building stairs and other construction work needed in a building or a construction site. The job of this profession is particularly skill based and they require a lot of experience before they start working on their own. Thus, they start with apprenticeship and later become independent. This profession is also passed down from one generation to another. There might be different fields of work involved in this profession and thus each carpenter may be involved in a different area of work. In this article, we sum up various types of carpenters and what each one of them is involved in:

Rough Framing:

This is the most basic service required in this profession. As the name suggests, this profession includes drafting and building the structure of the wood which is made of timber and also requires steel studs. This particular carpentry service requires the professionals to build the structure right from the scratch. They need to build the roofs, the stairs, the frames of windows and other such essential basic structures.

This field of work involves different kinds of skills. The people involved in this area should be well informed about blueprints and how to analyse them. He should also be sharp in his mathematical skills. Along with these mental skills, a person should also have the physical strength to work up on the structures. This work involves heavy manpower which is essential for anybody willing to work for this type of profession.

Finish Trimming:

This field of carpentry is more mature and requires more experience than rough framing. This job involves people to work only if they excel with the particular skill set. This type of carpentry service requires the carpenters to build the door jambs, doors, casings of doors and windows, shelving units of closets, etc. This work is much more detailed oriented than other types. The average income of the carpenter involved in this work earns approximately $30180 to $40000. Thus, the average income depends largely up on the skills and the experience of the person.

Cabinet Maker:

This job of a carpenter requires the most amount of focus and skills needed for person involved in cabinet making. This requires the carpenters to build furniture like cabinets and other speciality items. Building furniture requires a lot of mathematical skills which helps the person build things with precision. Great knowledge of machinery tools and reading of sketches is a part of a cabinet maker. Cabinet makers earn a median salary of $30,000 to $43,000.


A shipwright deals with fixing, building and repairing ships. They can build all sizes and all shapes of boats, from small personal ones to large organisation owned ones. They need a basic knowledge of hand tools, power tools and all other types of tools. These carpenters are required to have certain knowledge of engineering and construction.

These were the top 4 types of carpentry jobs which exist today. They are quite popular because of its demand and its necessity today.