It is true that we all like to travel and discover the different corners of the world by ourselves. Some do it for fun while others do it out of passion. But when you are a family man, things are not the same. The reason being that now you are responsible, not only for you, but for others as well. This is the reason it is time you look at the beautiful world of caravans. When we say caravans, we are not asking you to turn nomadic but simply checkout the house on wheels which will be fun for the whole family. This is a vehicle which will enable you to travel with the entire family and go on a holiday whenever and wherever you want.

Types of Caravans

The first things we will need to check are the various types of caravans from which you can choose the one you like.

  • The Static Caravan: this is perhaps the most common type of caravan that you can find at almost any campsite around the world. One of the reasons this caravan is a hit among holidaying families is because they are really spacious. Among other facilities, a static caravan offers you your own lounge room, separate bed rooms, bathrooms and kitchen as well as dining area which makes it all the more homely. There are two specific types of static caravans; the first being single axle caravan while the other being double axle caravan. If there is one negative when we talk about these caravans, the fact that you will need to return to your base every night can be a definite disadvantage.

  • Motorhomes: the next one on our list is a vehicle which can be termed as the combination of a house and a car. The design of the vehicle is such that the driving area is situated in front of the car while the living quarters are in the back. If you research well then you will find that they have folding beds, living areas, etc present in most motorhomes. In some of these motorhomes you will find cycle racks which are just perfect for a family which likes to go on a biking trip on their holiday. However, you will need to keep an eye out for the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

  • The fifth wheeler: as the name suggests, it is like a home which you carry around with yourself even when you are going on your holidays. This is more suited for a family which is looking for a more luxurious travel. It is sure to give you a lot more comfort as compared to other vehicles but the downside to this is that, as they are usually bigger than other caravans, they cannot be parked at all campsites, hence limiting your options as far as destinations are concerned.

After checking out the various types of caravans, let us look at the pros and cons on travelling in caravans.

Advantages of Owning a Caravan:

  • Price: the cost of caravans will depend on your use. If you want to travel once in a while, then hiring them would definitely be an advantage to you.

  • Convenience: travelling in caravans is definitely more convenient as you will be able to move around at your own pace, hence getting the all important family time which you need.

  • Choices: using caravans especially for family holidays is definitely going to open up more options for you as far as travelling destinations are concerned.

There are also many caravan dealers who make customized caravans and the prices vary depending on the size of the caravan and the amenities that you get.