We all know that good shoes will take you to good places. And with the wide variety of shoes to choose from, the possibilities are endless. However, it is very crucial to decide on what is the perfect pair that will lead you to the road to success. Remember to have yourself a comfortable yet stylish shoe to wear for your journey and can make your path worthwhile.

To come along with your daily activities, we have made a list of some everyday shoes that women always rely on every day:

1 – Espadrilles

Complete your summer to fall outfits with a pair of very comfortable slip-on shoes like Espadrilles. Once you have it, you will surely never let go of it. And it is quite amazing that espadrilles have been the most common choice of everyday shoes for women in the past centuries already. Espadrilles are famous in French and Spanish culture yet; it’s starting its popularity in most of the world. No matter what style you are wearing, be it casual, navy or safari look, you will enjoy the comfort while looking perfect all throughout the day.

2 – Two-Piece Flats

Take note; this is not your ordinary, usual flats that you can see everywhere. The two-piece or d’Orsay-style flats come with sophistication along with perfection from its pointy toe design. To add more to your advantage, d’Orsay-style flats are also known as a leg-slimmer shoe for a sexier you. So whether you are heading to the office or making your way to a party after, this all-around alluring shoe won’t give you the hassle and embarrassment of not fitting int the crowd.

3 – Driving Mocassins

Have a shoe that can match up any of your outfits. From fantastic skinnies, pants, skirts and your shorts, mocassins will definitely blend in. These everyday shoes for women are known for its vivid colors and cool designs. They can fill the creative side of every woman whether it’ll be on the glamorous or classy side. Sum up your overall look and get to be on top of the trend this year with Mocassins.

4 – Slingback Heels

Unlike any other heels you have, slingback heels will give you the comfort that you are searching for without sacrificing the sexiness and style for every event you’ll attend to. It comes with a variation of design to suits your needs. Regardless if it has open or close toes, chunky buckles or elastic bands, romantic date nights or classy office outfits, you will never get disappointed in wearing slingback heels.

5 – Ankle Booties

With a lot of types of booties in the market, getting the right one to work with your outfit all the time can be a bit of a hassle. However, there is one pair that you’ll be glad to stumble upon too. Ankle booties are your best bet for achieving that effortless yet trendy look that you don’t have to plan ahead of time. They are so comfortable and low maintenance that you might start getting obsessed with it and having just one pair will never be enough.

6 – Rubber Shoes

Yes, you don’t have to be in the gym to wear rubber shoes. Since it gives the most comfort to match up your fitness regimens, it is also widely used by women even outside the gym. This is most especially true in our lives today when everything seems to be going on a fast phase. Choosing rubber shoes as everyday shoes for women enables you to catch up on what you are missing. Thus, you will never get left behind.

7 – Flat Sandals

In favor of your flip flops, flat sandals are made for a more sophisticated and finesse outfit. Flat sandals are perfect for women on the go and always on a hurry since it takes less effort to wear one. Just slip it on your feet through its strap, and you’re ready to go run in the subway to catch up the train or parade your freshly trimmed and polished toenails with flat sandals that go through any summer outfits you can think of.
In the runway of life, it is a must to have comfortable shoes to help yourself survive the daily challenges that you will encounter. As women are now conquering the world, they need to get the best shoes to wear in their everyday battle of gender equality. Start with having the listed shoes above to empower yourself and let your boundaries be limitless.

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