When it comes to styling your hair, human hair bob wigs suits almost every woman irrespective of age and color. As there is a variety of bob hair styled wigs available in the market, it is crucial to choose the right one from them. The right style generally depends upon the looks and face structure, and it is essential to understand the best out of them.

Different Human Bob Hair wigs to choose from

From their existence, the bob wig hairstyles never got out of fashion. In the early 20th century, women around the globe started adapting bob hairstyles and said goodbye to the traditional long hair look. Some women find the look very attractive and satisfying concerning their social life.

Some of the bob style wigs available in the market are-

  • Short bob Wigs – The short bob wigs reflect volume for straight hair, and women dealing with weak and thin hair find it an excellent choice for them. When putting together with bangs and natural waves, the short bob wigs provide a joyful and playful nature to the hair. Most women add highlighted shades to accomplish a fuller hair effect.
  • Long Bob Wigs (Lobs) – Lob is an excellent choice if a woman wants bob-styled hair but is uncomfortable in cutting the hair short. With the help of lobbing, you can get the desired hairstyle without too much risk. Throwing can help you change your style into a half bun and other methods. The straight version of lobs provides a youthful and elegant look to you. Soft wave of lobs adds charm on your look with a minimum amount of effort.
  • Color-Layered Bob Wigs – Layered bob wig styles is an exciting style as it provides a unique look to your face. Different length strands add both volume and length to the hair. You can wear layered bob wings either with waves or directly straight.

Bob Wigs shape according to the shape of the face

  • Round Shaped Face – Women having round-faced structures tend to believe that only long hair will suit them. But stylists over the years designed a lot of trendy new designs in order to elongate their faces. When it comes to the youthful look, a well-shaped hairstyle with a bob wig is the next big thing. If you desire to make your face look longer, layered bob wigs are perfect for it, as they provide asymmetrical structure.
  • Heart-shaped face – Heart-shape faced women consider the haircut that tends to frame the cheekbones and narrow effect for chin appearance. The Fluttery bob wigs provide the fullness to lower face and minimize the visuality of a wide forehead. Bangs comped to style which hence looks pretty on them. Bob should always be longer than the chin-length in order to get a sporty look.
  • Square Face – Sharp lines of the jaw are softened when you use some curled locks in your hairstyle. The bob wigs provide direct attention towards the center of the face, and that tends to emphasize the eyes. The square face softens through optical illusions provided by the bob wig, but the parting of the hair must be moved from middle to the side that will help in breaking the square structure. Bangs of different types add a beautiful structure to the face, but they must neither be too short nor too wide. It will be best if you just add the cut in the eye lining.

How to wear the bob wig in a way that suits you?

Wearing a wig is basically a straight forward concept where the wig is applied from the back of the head and then brought forward towards the hairline. The wig must be selected according to the shape of your head and face in order to get a perfect look. It is important to place the wig at the part of the head where you like it to be, and that will suit you the most.