Diamond drilling is one of the most commonly used concrete core drilling techniques today. In this method, a rotary drill infused by diamond drill bits are used to make accurate holes in the most effective and efficient way.

There are mainly two types of diamond drilling techniques: stitch drilling and underwater drilling. In stitch drilling, a series of holes overlapping one another is made in the structure, mainly slabs and walls, to overcome the cutting depth limit of conventional saws or concrete cutting tools. With stitch drilling, a diamond cutting contractor can make holes of virtually any size.

In underwater drilling, as the name suggests, drilling is performed on the part of the structure located underwater. Thanks to their excellent maneuverability, diamond drills are the first choice of contractors for underwater concrete and metal cutting projects.

Many Benefits Of Diamond Drilling

Diamond is the hardest substance we know and thus these diamond bits infused core drilling machines are a best choice for creating openings in heavily reinforced concrete, plain concrete and in masonry structures.

A diamond core drilling equipment ensures highly precise openings with exact required depth and diameter. From as small as 8mm to large as 1500mm, diamond drills can cut any size of holes depending on your project needs.

It is also worth remembering that diamond drilling is a non-percussive method; so, when you use this method to make holes in any specific area of the structure, the adjacent areas of the structure witness no damage during and after the drilling procedure.

Most diamond drilling contractors prefer using the wet cutting technique in which water is continuously supplied to the driving shaft while concrete drilling; this helps ensure the drill bits don’t suffer damage due to overheating and the work can be carried in a dust-free environment.
When compared to traditional concrete drilling techniques used several years ago, diamond drilling offers a plenty of advantages; it is a noise-free and dust-free core drilling technique. The method also saves the structural integrity of the structure being cut. Diamond drilling tools feature great mobility and they are lightweight too. Meaning, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor worksites with no hassles.

Diamond Drilling Is a Versatile Technique

In addition to concrete, diamond drill bits are commonly used for other materials including metal, stone, tiles and asphalt. They can cut through hardest of materials smoothly, speedily and precisely. Diamond drills are used for both horizontal and vertical cutting.

Whether you want to create large size openings for ducts, make small size holes for electrical wiring or utility pipes, create holes for anchoring bolts during your construction project, collect some sample of the material or make holes of any depth for whatever reason, diamond drilling services make a right choice.

Regardless if it is a large-scale civil engineering project or a small residential apartment work, you will find diamond drilling services providers who cater to the diamond drilling needs of all sizes and types of projects. You just need to look for a diamond drilling specialist with ample experience and expertise.

When you hire a diamond drilling service provider, check the various drilling projects they have worked upon earlier. Know if they are offering their services to both residential and commercial customers. Selecting a right diamond drilling contractor will ensure you best quality deliverables within the stipulated timeframe.