Colors have deep subliminal meanings and can define a bigger part of who you are. There’s no denying the fact that we are faced with color choices all the time. The very first decision based on color is during the morning when deciding what to wear. More often than not, we choose our outfits based on the color of mood we are in or wish to portray. Even more important than this is the color selection of your accessories, especially watches. From blues to blacks to whites and greens, the range of palette is vast when it comes to dial colors in women’s watches but have you ever wondered what each one of them signifies?


What if we told you each shade of rainbow triggers a specific psychological response and exudes your personality and behavioral traits? That being said, the color you choose as your dial can speak a lot about you. Here’s what each of them signifies-


1. Blue Dials


A blue dial evokes the feelings of spirituality along with trust and security. While dark blues can give a professional feel, light blues are more relaxing. It reflects creativity and intelligence and has a calming impact on the psyche. If while doing women’s watches online shopping, blue dials captivate you the most, the chances are high that you are a connoisseur of good taste. You have a remarkable sense of fashion and are charming enough to make heads turn. Like blue water- you have a peaceful and stable personality and prefer to live your life according to your own ideals and beliefs. For the best blue dialed women’s watches, you might love to explore the Timex collection which offers richness both in terms of design and colors.


2. Black Dials

From the black power suits to the short black dress, the color black never fails to attract women all over the globe. A black dial helps make a strong statement and is something that goes well with almost any color in contrast. Black is a bold color that signifies an artistic and sensitive personality. Additionally, black dials signify strong will and independence. People with black as their favorite color are usually careful and prefer attention to detail. They are determined and are not afraid to go after something they want.


Black dial watches are often timeless and sophisticated and when bought from premium brands such as Timex, will never go out of style.


3. White Dials


White dials signify purity, simplicity, innocence and perfection and have a perfect starkness or sterility about them. The color white often brings up the imagery of peaceful and pure winters and has been often used by charities and NGO’s to denote something good and positive. Women who prefer white as their dial colors have a simple, open and pure personality. Moreover, they like to keep things organized and do not like a great deal of clutter.

White also signifies an optimistic outlook towards life and future and represents a very positive personality.


4. Green Dials


Green dials indicate your appreciation for the Mother Nature. It is a color of growth, vitality and renewal. It is also associated with wealth and money- no doubts why money is green. It is a color which is easy to the eyes and those who love it are often affectionate, frank and loyal. They embrace new beginnings and understand the importance of loving and being loved.

Women’s watches with green colored dials are refreshing and soothing to the eyes. According to color psychology, those whose favorite color is green hold social standing, reputation and financial position to be of utmost importance. They love freedom and have a good balance in life.

When looking to buy branded wrist watches for women, do stick to your color preference as each one signifies something and will let you reflect your individual persona.

Remember shopping from premium brands such as Timex which offers wide array of choice in every aspect- from band type to colors, design, functions and dials is a sure way to stay in sync with the trend!