It’s tough living with some dental issues. After all, they often impact the facial charms and smile. They take away the appeals and dazzle of smiles and dent our self-confidence.
More so, severe nature of dental issues can cause us lose the confidence a great deal. So, you should not ignore such issues and meet the dentist at the earliest.

dental Greenpoint
You should know the options available in the market to help you get rid of dental problems of different nature. Our dental Greenpoint issues can be of different nature and let we keep focus on basically two types –

  • Dental issues that need the replacement of an entire tooth or more teeth
  • Dental issues that impact only some part of a tooth

Having known both these issues, we can now clearly understand why we need dental implants or dental crowns. After all, implants are needed in cases where we need complete replacement of a tooth or more teeth while crowns are needed for partial treatment of a tooth.

Implants vs crowns

It’s not uncommon to see people facing confusion over whether to choose implants or crowns. Rather than knowing which is better, they should become familiar with the purposes each serves.

Let we understand them better –

  • Implants are perhaps the best treatment option for missing teeth as they are perfect for replacement purposes.
  • In a case just a tooth is decayed and replacement is not needed, you can go for the dental crown.
  • Dental implants need surgical intervention while such is not the case with crowns.
  • Crowns give a chance to salvage own tooth and root while implants don’t give this privilege.
  • It does not take more time and money with crowns as only three visits to the dentist can do the job.
  • Crowns can be made to look as natural as the teeth and surrounding area as colouring can help in that.
  • Apart from porcelain, people will have choices with crowns as they can be made from other materials as gold, acrylic or metal alloys.
  • These materials may not match the natural colour of the teeth but they are recommended to replace black teeth and they are also recommended as they are stronger.
  • Caring for dental implants or dental crown is as easy as it is for natural teeth and with both of them, one can brush and floss with ease.
  • When it comes to durability, implants win hands down as they last fairly long while crowns may get chipped or damaged by the same things and instances that impact the natural teeth.
  • Crown does not cost as much as implants do however the former may need to be replaced from time to time to tackle normal wear and tear.
  • While implants may turn out to be more cost-effective in a long term, crowns are cheaper but come with the risks of getting influenced by factors too easily and thus, they need replacement every 10-15 years.

Now, we know whether to go for implants or crowns. But yes, we should also understand that the problem of missing natural teeth is solved best with implants. They are considered the second best option to natural teeth and they come with a whole lot of benefits – including –

  • They are so durable to even outlast the patient
  • They don’t harm the tooth structure in any visible way
  • They require very little to less maintenance
  • They look-and-feel like natural teeth and eating and speaking with them is not the problem at all.
  • Then won’t ever come off the mouth

    In overall, whether you should go with implants or crowns will depend on the nature of problems you face.