Europe tour is in trend now. People from all across the world flank to this continent in pursuit of exotic holiday destinations. Amongst the many mesmerising locations that Europe offers to satisfy one’s wanderlust, Finland is always on the top of a visitor’s list.

A fusion of wilderness, dynamic cities, and bizarre natural splendours is what this Nordic country embodies.

So, why not keep Finland on your travel bucket list? Maybe Santa, who hails from the very same place, will actually fulfil your wish. Yes, there’s an entire village in Lapland, a region in Finland, dedicated to Saint Nicolas, aka The Santa.

Lose yourself in Finland’s endless travel possibilities

With so many places to visit and so much to do, your days will feel like hours in this country. Let’s look at some of the activities and places you can visit here.

  • Start your journey with the city of Helsinki

If you fancy architecture and art, the city of Helsinki is a must visit. Finland’s cities are famed for their stylish and functional design and layout. Helsinki perfectly exemplifies the country’s reputation.

Finland’s southern capital, with its boulevards and backstreets that are flanked by magnificent architecture, also houses the Design District. The super Design museum is located in this district and is the perfect place to revel in aesthetics.

  • Respond to call of the wild, explore the vast Finnish wilderness

With towering forests and boundless lakes, Finland offers some of Europe’s best hiking trails and canoeing spots.

Explore the vast 253,800 hectares of Saariselka Wilderness to discover untamed nature. Urho Kekkekonen National Park, a part of the wilderness is a brilliant area for trekking.  

However, there’s more to explore!

In Nuuksio National Park, you may catch a glance of the flying squirrel. With rugged frosted river valley, gorges, and white water rapids, Oulanka National Park is another place to connect with your inner explorer. Koli National Park is known for treks in the wilderness, quartzite cliffs and other lookout points. All these forested places are a must-visit for hiking and trekking enthusiasts.

  • Marvel at the Aurora Borealis – Nature’s own brilliance

Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, had amazed humanity since history. Its decryption can be found in Greek literature as well.

The Northern Lights, an example of Mother Nature’s brilliance, is nothing short of hypnotic. It’s a natural light show that no laser technology can recreate. Streaks of lights swirl and shift during this phenomena, creating an illusion as if the light has its own life.

  • Rejuvenate with a Sauna bath

After all the hiking, trekking, adventure and roaming around the streets of the Design District, you’ll possibly end up with sore legs. The first instinct here would be to reach for hose painkiller and slack back into a bed.

Hold up though! There’s another way to recharge your senses. Finland is famous for its sauna, and the hot steam is ideal for alleviating sores and aches naturally.

Jatkankamppa is one such popular sauna in Finland. Situated in Kuopio, this place offers a large area to soak in hot steam.

So, pack your clothing, make a list and head over to the Finnish land of adventure and excitement.