Is the weather outside hot and sultry? Do not let that wear you down. When outside, it can be a problem, but as soon as you return home, you can enjoy the cool air of the air conditioning unit. The air can be cool only if the air conditioning unit does not freeze up. A frozen air conditioner is of no use!

You need to find an agency or company that offers top-notch air conditioning service in Adelaide. They will get you out of the frozen situation. Who knew that freezing could actually cause sweating!

Should the Air Conditioning Unit Freeze Up?

It is a common concept; (or rather misconception) that the internal parts of an air conditioning unit can freeze up. The reason behind this myth is of course the fact that air conditioners cool down the air.  If, you find that the air conditioner is not performing as expected, take a look inside! The frozen coils could be a major reason for this under-performance.

Wondering why this happens? Well, you need to speak to the professionals! They will always know what to do. Here are some queries that the professionals are answering for you:

Why do the Air Conditioners Freeze up?

Air conditioners freezing up should come as no surprise, it happens for many reasons. Resolving the issue should be prompt! Why?! Well, because a frozen air conditioner coil is a problem, and not natural. The freezing is due to a temperature imbalance. The coil absorbs heat from the indoor air and releases it outside. If, the coil is frozen, then how can it transfer the heat outdoors? The reasons for the coil freezing up are:

1. The amount of heat passing over the indoor coil is not hot enough.

2. The refrigerant inside the coils is not working efficiently to absorb the heat.

How can the ice in the frozen coils hinder the cooling process?

An indoor coil coated with ice can be a potential hazard for proper cooling of the room. Well, do not fall victim to the concept of frozen cooling coils lower room temperatures! In fact, it is the exact opposite. A frozen indoor coil is supposed to absorb the heated air from the room and transfer it outside. When, the coils get frozen, how do you think they will be able to absorb the heat? After all, for cooling the heat needs to be removed first! The frozen coil also hinders the movement of refrigerant, which inhibits the heat transfer process further.

How can you know that the air conditioning coil is frozen without opening the unit?

You are no professional, so trying to open up the unit can damage the air conditioning unit! But, you need to know that the coil has frozen over. Here are a few pointers that tell you that the air conditioning unit might have frozen up:

1. The air conditioner takes ages to cool the room, or worse does not cool the room to the preferred temperature.

2. Your energy bills are on the rise.

3. For this you need a hawk’s eye, the ice might thaw from time to time and leak into the room.

What Do You Do When You Suspect the Indoor Coil Has Frozen Up?

Stay put and whatever you do, do not go near the air conditioner with your tool box! You have no idea about what is causing the higher bills, or, lowering cooling effect. Goofing up the repairs or the whole air conditioning unit rides high on the cards!

If you are facing a frozen coils’ problem in Adelaide, then call your air conditioning installation professional in Adelaide because he can recommend the right expert for the job. A professional repair person has the technical expertise and experience to figure out the problem and solve it with high grade efficiency! Let them do their job and you enjoy the cool air from your effective (after servicing and repairs, of course) air conditioning unit.