Vaping is increasingly gaining traction and more and more people are embracing it. Obviously, this has led to several urban myths regarding it that could be de-motivating many people who are thinking of switching over to vaping and quit smoking. Most people who have tried quitting the habit of smoking have tried some smoking alternative like vape cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Vape cigarettes were introduced for the first time around 13 years back and have gradually become popular and are in reasonable demand today. It has steadily gained popularity, acknowledgment, and availability. In 2014 “vaping” was regarded as the ‘Word of the Year’ officially because of its phenomenal growth in terms of demand and popularity.

The real reason behind the phenomenal growth and popularity of these vape cigarettes is because lots of people regard it as relatively safer as compared to smoking the regular tobacco cigarettes. However, the facts, as usual, have been clouded so far, in a veil of misconceptions and myths. A lot of wrong information is circulated regarding vaping. Here are the top few misconceptions or myths about vaping.

Myth: You Would Be Acquiring Popcorn Lung by Vaping

The popcorn lung is supposed to be a lung condition triggered by exposure to high diacetyl levels. Proponents of this myth believe that some e-liquid flavors like custard actually contain diacetyl and so they argue that the diacetyl would be making the vape cigarette quite hazardous for your health. However, studies and research later, it has been proved beyond doubt that it would actually be of some harm provided you are exposed to a vast amount like the huge amounts involved in the factory processes in order to leave a profound impact.

It must also be noted in this context that the diacetyl levels actually contained in conventional tobacco cigarettes are remarkably higher as compared to vape cigarettes. Moreover, the TPD regulations that were introduced recently have been responsible in regulating the ingredients of an e-liquid including the notorious diacetyl. As per current laws, the vape cigarettes that are currently available in the U.K. should not contain diacetyl under even the TPD terms. In this connection, you must appreciate that there exist ever-evolving vaping regulations, relating to their sales, production, and even age limits for vaping. Vapes are being monitored constantly by both the federal and the state agencies and that may include the FDA.

Myth: Smoking & Vaping Are Equally Harmful

Hardly anything seems to be 100 percent safe. However, studies have revealed that vaping is relatively safer as compared to smoking regular cigarettes. Vape cigarettes are substantially safer and better in terms of your health. In this context, you must know that the nicotine contained in e-liquids is definitely addictive but these e-cigarettes are not responsible for producing carbon monoxide or tar that is supposed to be hazardous. Studies and research later it has been proved beyond doubt that e-cigarettes are definitely better for you in terms of health and statistics also reveal that they are actually 95 percent safer as compared to the tobacco-based cigarettes and they could prove to be quite an effective substitute for regular cigarettes for all those individuals who are wishing to give up smoking.

Myth: Passive Vaping is Actually Hazardous to People around You

E-cigarettes or vape cigarettes do not produce harmful vapor. We know that the vapor generated with vaping does not contain any hazardous elements that are detrimental to your health and overall well-being. Numerous tests have been carried out in non-ventilated vape stores. These tests conclusively reveal that there was nothing found in the air or the vapor that could be dangerous to anyone.

Myth: E-Cigarettes Could Explode

People who have gone through headlines appearing in various media that e-cigarettes have exploded are scared. But those explosions had nothing to do with any shortcoming in e-cigarettes. Those explosions were attributed to improper use and incorrect battery storage. You must not carry loose batteries with you in your pocket or in a bag. You just need to follow certain safety dictates just like you would in case of lithium batteries or some other electrical gadgets. You must read carefully and follow firmly all battery safety guidelines provided by the manufacturers. Remember to go through the manual meticulously and be careful about using the device in a correct manner. Ensure proper maintenance and care. Follow the instructions to the dot and rest assured that there will be no issues or mishaps with your vape kits.

Myth: Vaping Seems To Be More Addictive

Some people have absolutely no foundation in believing that vaping implies getting more addicted to nicotine as compared to regular smoking. But as discussed above, studies have revealed that an e-cigarettes nicotine delivery is definitely lower as compared to a conventional one even in case of the most intense nicotine strength of 18mg. E-cigarettes, in reality, are gradually reducing their intake of nicotine before giving up the habit of smoking the regular variety.

Myth: Vaping Is Not Instrumental in Quitting Smoking

This is certainly a crazy urban myth because a lot of evidence is there supporting the fact that e-cigarettes are actually instrumental in getting rid of the habit. Vaping is a safer and a smarter substitute of smoking that has helped numerous smokers to abstain from tobacco cigarettes.

Myth: Only Fruity Flavored Liquids Are Available

Some people believe that e-liquids are only fruity flavored but in reality, you could get an authentic tobacco flavored one if you so desire. You may choose from coffee, cola, or even menthol flavors. You could also consider creating your own unique combination. Remember there are endless possibilities. You just need to be creative and more open to ideas. If you wish you could stick to using menthol or conventional tobacco flavors. You may consider using something palatable like tropical or vanilla. Many top brands offer wonderful combination packs.


We could safely conclude that nothing could be treated as 100 percent safe. However, research and studies have conclusively proved that vaping is certainly safer as compared to conventional smoking. We have discussed some of the vaping myths and debunked them. So what are you waiting for? Quit smoking, enjoy vaping and experience the thrills and ecstasies.