The world can be an amazing place, full of wonder and opportunity. You hear of incredible stories of things happening that are a one in a million chance. However, life also has a way of building us up only to knock us down. Naturally, people respond badly to bad things. We are complex, emotional creatures and much of the time there is little we can do to control how we feel.

There are however many different ways that we can try to see the good in a bad situation. Adopting this philosophy can help us avoid stress, heartache and pain in the long run. Below are some ways we can minimise and prepare for the impact of unfortunate circumstances.


This bountiful planet has sustained life for many thousands of years and will hopefully come to do so for many thousands to come. The Earth provides us with food, shelter and warmth. But it can also take everything away from us in the blink of a dispassionate eye. When we feel we have lost everything it can be difficult to cope. Some people turn to alcohol and drugs in their bid to escape personal loss, but this is a dangerous path. While most people eventually recover from periods of trauma, others among us can struggle and become dependent on substances.

Addiction is disease much like any other, and it can be crippling in many ways. Happily, there are places where people can go to get better such as rehabilitation centres. Anybody who is in the process of attending such a place should review their insurance coverage options as their policy may or may not cover the cost of rehab.


Emotional Wellbeing

Often things such as damaged property and loss of earnings cause us stress and strife. None of these things affect us in the way that the loss of a loved one can affect us. The shock and grief of something like this happening can be overwhelming and make us feel that we want to give up. But we must not. Some people are trained to be there for us in dark times. As a people, we are beginning to understand better our emotional states. As such, there have been great advancements in the ways we can overcome tragedies. Not that we should forget about the people we have lost, but we should try to heal and move on with life.


Counsellors can provide respite from grief. These people tend be warm and empathic. They will listen to us and reassure us that what we are feeling is ok and that have to let it out, not hold it inside. Talking things over with someone can reduce the pressure of a heavy emotional load. It can help us gain perspective and cope better with our feelings. This doesn’t only apply to those of us who have lost someone dear. It applies to anyone who has ever felt low or desperate and just needed someone to listen. There is no stigma attached to seeing a counsellor or mental health specialist. If you feel you could benefit from talking to someone, you should try it. Only then will you know if it works for you or not.

Take heed of this advice and you will make things easier on yourself in the event of something bad happening in your life. Stay strong, you will get through it!