Dancing is not just art which is a way to express yourself but it also has other health benefits that are lesser-known. Here are the endless benefits that dancing brings along with it.

Dance classes have been a popular form of exercise for people who want to get in shape and want to increase their overall well-being. There are different dance styles associated with various cultures. Irrespective of your dance style, there are endless benefits of taking up dance lessons.

Higher Flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the major benefits of taking up dance lessons. Dance stimulates body movements that you do not typically do in your regular life. It enables you to develop different motion ranges and stretches your muscles in a proper manner. After a few classes, you will feel your body becoming more limber than before.

More Physical Strength

One of the evident benefits of dancing includes increased physical strength. Dancing is an enjoyable activity that makes your heart pump harder. Dancing is among the few activities that offer complete body workout. It works your core, legs, and arms simultaneously. It is a high-intensity but low impact work, which does not have monotonous sets or reps.

Better Balance as well as Spatial Awareness

Improved spatial awareness and balance are among other important benefits of dancing.  It requires you to have bodily awareness to enhance different skills. When you are more aware of your bodies, you can better control its movement in different circumstances. Dancing focuses on strengthening your core and providing better posture that further helps in improving the body balance.

Better Heart and Lung Health

Dancing has a positive impact on your lung capacity as well as heart health. When you dance, your breathing and heart rate both increase significantly. This extra cardiovascular workout offers many long term health benefits. Additionally, when your body stays active, it helps in looking young and combating the aging process.

Enhanced Memory

Dancing does not merely offer physical benefits, but you also workout your brain during the process. Remembering different steps as well as dance patterns helps in boosting your memory.  Focusing on the movements of different body parts also provides dancers with regular mental challenges that help in keeping your brain sharp.

Stress Elevation

Dancing is a great stress reliever as it helps in reducing the stress hormone level, known as cortisol. Along with reducing the level of the stress hormone, it offers the necessary boost of endorphin. So the best dance class in Kolkata will leave you to feel elated. Moreover, attending an evening session proves to be an excellent creative outlet and ends your day on a refreshing note.

Boost Your Confidence

Taking up dancing regularly can do wonders to your level of confidence. Dancing is a process that involves learning as well as mastering new skills on a regular basis. By learning new skills, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Moreover, learning to move your body in different ways also adds to your confidence.

Choosing the Best Dance School

Following are some of the best tips to choose the right dance school –

Core Dance Style

A great way to narrow down the options for dance class is to select a dance style to focus on. A dance class has a core dance style in which their expertise lies, and they are reckoned for. Therefore, the first thing you should do is select a dance style that you are most interested in the moment. Based on your dance style preference, choose 4-5 dance classes that offer the same. You can check out discussion forum, online search, personal recommendations, etc. to narrow down your top options.

 Your Dance Teacher

How good you turn out to be in your dancing style largely depends on your teacher as well. So before making the final decision, research about the faculty that the studio has. Experiences of the teachers, their schedule, competition training, etc. are some of the factors that you should consider during the assessment. Additionally, make sure you note down some questions to ask the teachers when you will visit the dance class.


The cost of dance classes varies based on reputation, location, dance style, number of classes, etc. Checking the cost of the classes beforehand is a good option. If you are on a limited budget, this will help you narrow down your options further. The importance of this factor depends on the reason you are learning. If you aim to be a professional dancer, then you should opt for the best classes.

Learning Environment

The environment of dance class should induce positivity and motivate you to do better. Building such a vibe is the responsibility of both students and teachers. During your trial lesson, check how other students try to connect with you. While friendly competition is a great motivation tool, when it goes beyond a certain point, competition becomes toxic. When you are attending the trial class, trust your gut when it tells you whether or not it is the right fit.

Dancing is a physical activity that comes with a gamut of benefits. Irrespective of your age, you can take up a dance class and enjoy all the benefits it provides.